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Written By: Gary on August 7, 2008 No Comment

I thought this was hysterical. I think I saw it in the movie theatre once before…

Here’s the direct link to Cell Phone Karma at YouTube

Written By: Gary on June 14, 2004 No Comment
  • So on Saturday I was thinking about one friend and I hadn’t gotten in touch for a while and that I had been (extra) remiss in keeping in touch. That night I get an e-mail from his wife (with a techie question), what are the odds?
  • Same day I was thinking about a friend who I hadn’t heard from in a while. Health problems for her and her husband, I’ve called every so often and gotten different answering machine messages so I assumed the messages were getting through. Sunday morning I noticed on my caller ID a call from their number. I didn’t really want to play it since I was pretty sure it wasn’t good news. But what are the odds of a phone call from them? And the last time she called late at night in crisis mode was the same night my step-father took a turn for the worse before he passed away. Just odd coincidences. (Finally caved and played the message, not good news, but not horrible either. But her comments about not calling back were very similar to my thoughts about not keeping in touch with the other friend.)
  • Saturday night on the way home (a very nice ride by the way) I drove by a nice park, I’m sure I’ve driven that way at least once (maybe twice before) but somehow not noticed it (but it’s huge). Saw a nice church made a notation of the times but didn’t get up in time. Was thinking about the other stuff during the day on Sunday went over to the park to relax and decided to go to church instead. The only one I’ve every gone to around here. The one with the super-friendly Father with the accent so strong you aren’t surprised when you find out her does sermons at another parish completely in Polish. I come out afterwards get inside and the radio is playing (odd) and they I realize the steering column is broken from when they tried to steal it while I was inside. A very odd anti-coincidence. Maybe more of an odd series of circumstances that let to me getting some negative feedback for going to church instead of rollerblading. :)

    Just odd how things happen. I know there is a reason they call them coincidences but it’s just odd.

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