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Written By: Gary on October 31, 2004 No Comment

I really enjoyed The Forgotten. You’ve got to walk in with on open mind and be thinking conspiracy and a little Sixth Sense. And don’t ignore your theories as strange as they are. I can’t say much more (without giving stuff aways) other then Julianne Moore is great (as always) and so is Dominic West as her reluctant sidekick (they are the stars of the show). The others who were really good were Alfre Woodard, Garey Sinese and Anthony Edwards.Theforgotten

I really can’t tell much about the movie other than just watch it. Be sure not to watch too much of the previews or surf their site too much, it might give a bit too much away. It’s just a little creepy, but there is a puzzle that you can figure out. I do have one hint for you.

Watch the color. When are things colored and when aren’t… It’s minor clues. I can’t wait until the directors cut…

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