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Written By: Gary on June 11, 2005 One Comment

Dominique Durand IvySo we went out last night four bars/clubs and for the fourth one we ended up back at the first (so it was really three). There was a mission though, Ivy was in town at the Magic Stick (which is above the Majestick, get it?). So it was regular happy hour, to the greektown casino where L’usa were playing (we’ve got friends in the band) and then to the concert. We missed most of the opening acts but we kinda knew that with all the running around (that’ll be another post).

Ivy was great, I think I originally heard her on a WB show (or some show) and they showed her information in the end credits. I think the band is generally three people but I think we counted eight at one point. The photo is of Dominique Durand (I needed to be closer, my camera is great but my flash is pretty lousy). I gave my e-mail to a woman there who took a lot of photos I hope she sends me a few!

So the concert was great, a nice small venue but there weren’t many people there. They’ve got four or five albums out there so I would have expected a few more. I knew it was a small club so I bought my tickets in advance in case they were sold out, I guess I could have saved a few dollars and picked them up at the show. If you had considered going, you really missed out! If you haven’t heard them check them out at the iTunes store.

I looked to see where they were playing today (I’d have done a short road trip), I’m surprised there is no Saturday show, Toronto tomorrow (a little to far for me on a Sunday night). I’ll be keeping my eye out for them again (and picking up the few albums I don’t have). Here is their official Ivy the band web site.

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