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Apple’s software (for Macintosh and Windows) for syncing, purchasing music, apps and podcasts for your iPhone, iPod and iPads.

Written By: Gary on October 10, 2005 One Comment

Actually, I love the iTunes store. It’s the lack of packaging that I miss. I don’t have anything tangible to look at while I’m listening. I don’t even have anything intangible to read (like a pdf on the screen). I need to see who sings what, and what the lyrics are, but I can’t.

While iTMS is generally a pretty good deal, the times when I can go to the store and buy a new album for $7.99 (like Liz Phair last week) with all the extras make me wonder why would I want to buy the new album at the iTunes store for $11.99 without the actual disc and case with liner notes?

Actually, the ITMS did include an extra song but for $4 more. But at least offer me the extra song for a few dollars/ Sometimes I get albums as gifts and I want the extra track, but I’m not buying another copy…

It’s also slightly annoying to buy a pre-release of the song for 99 cents and then have to pay for it again when I buy the whole album later (at a B & M store or the ITMS store). Yes, this was true of singles (back in the day) but at least you could give the extra single away (and that was free advertising for the artist). But now all you have is another digital copy of the same track. :(

Otherwise I think the Apple iTunes Music Store is the best thing since sliced bread! And I’ll never give it up!!!

Did you know they have 2 or 3 free songs you can download each week?!?

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Written By: Gary on September 8, 2005 No Comment

Apple iTunes music store statistics: I’m listening to the keynote as I get stuff done here and I thought some of the numbers were huge enough to mention. They sell 1.8 million songs a day. They have 82% of the market share in the us, 85% of the market of the world wide music stores. They have 2,000,000 song vs. 200,000 from 2.5 years ago. And they have ten million accounts on iTunes.

For podcasting, which they just added few months ago, they have over 15,000 feeds and 7,000,000 subscriptions.

I wasn’t sure yesterday but the Harry Potter content is exclusive to iTunes and so is the selling of individual Madonna tracks.

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Written By: Gary on September 7, 2005 One Comment

Plus: So they’ve finally released a phone with Apple iTunes it’s the ROKR by Motorola (with a camera and speakers built in), it’s sorta like a shuffle with a display. Very cool! 100 Songs on your phone to sync with iTunes (I assumed you would be able download via the phone but I don’t see any references to that, so I guess not). It’s $249, but I’m sure it’ll drop by the holidays… (It looks like you can get it for $99 after rebates and activating a plan)

Minus: They release a new version of iTunes, which seems great but it screwed up on the import of the old data, it gave me an error and renamed my library to “iTunes Library (Damaged)”. It screwed up my list of podcasts, moved all of them to the regular music library and deleted my subscriptions. I could re-add them, if I could remember them :(

Warning: Extra-geeky content follows…

In addition, from the iPod it deleted 6GB of podcasts and says it can’t sync (error -39) but no suggestions on recovering.

UPDATE: So I couldn’t get it to sync, ran Disk Utility (etc.). Deleted the photo sync cache. I removed all the photos. Told it not to sync any photos. Tried adding podcasts, deleting podcasts. Then not to sync any Podcasts. Somewhere in the I had two podcast playlists (and another playlist was upset with that, which I deleted way earlier) so I made sure those were gone (I still have the podcast group). Eventually it started working okay. Probably one of the steps towards the end. Who knows…

I adding a gajillion podcasts back in. Added my photos and I seem to be a-okay (so far).

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Written By: Gary on September 7, 2005 No Comment

Ipodhpcrest So I’ve seen many complaints on-line that they’ve never released harry Potter as an eBook, I’m not sure if they’ve every released it as a downloadable Audio Book (I’m thinking no). So the iTunes store has released the books are Audio Book and you can get the complete set for $249. Or you can get a specially engraved 20GB iPod with with the Hogwarts Crest and all the audio books for $549. A little pricey if you ask me, I’m assuming you can by the Audio Books on CD for about the same price (and still have a backup).

Written By: Gary on September 2, 2005 No Comment

tori amosSo I never got around to saying much about the Tori Amos concert the other night. I ended up getting great tickets, they freed some up a few hours before the show, so I ended up getting in the orchestra section a little on the right (row 4) so it was great. Totally different concert from when she was here in the spring, she played lots of old stuff then and (unfortunately) very little old stuff here.

One of the cooler songs she played was a excellent mix of God and Running Up That Hill, the latter being a Kate Bush song. She also played Starry, Starry Night I have heard her play before and I like it. A few other covers too, but I didn’t know them (I suppose they could have been a new song that I didn’t recognize). (I’m back, I just googled a set list) So here’s what she played, I would have guessed there were more songs, I thought she played close to two hours (at least 90 min). Tori Amos

Toriaug2005-2Click the thumbnails for a larger image. Not the best quality, but it was mostly dark and there were heads bobbing around in front of me…

Written By: Gary on August 28, 2005 2 Comments

Guess whose favorite artist just released seats for the orchestra pit for tonight’s show! Anyone gonna be at Meadowbrook (Rochester, MI) tonight?
Gotta go, the show starts in a few! Tori Amos

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Written By: Gary on August 22, 2005 One Comment

Brice Mellen is on G4 TechTV (Attack of the Show) right now. He plays Mario World and Mortal Combat and he’s blind. And in a few he’s going to play another sightless gamer in “the world’s first Sightless Gamer Mortal Kombat Challenge!” Here’s a link but they don’t really do show notes like they used to…

Here’s a little more from USA Today, CNN and Wired.

Plus they are going to show doom on the iPod (which I talked about last week).

Written By: Gary on August 14, 2005 One Comment

So MSNBC did an Independent Study (review/article) of Blondfire (formerly known as Astaire), it’s a nice article (but a little short) but it’s got music samples so check them out. If you haven’t heard me talk about these folks before check them out at the iTunes music store (where they have an exclusive EP) or Amazon.

I missed the Grand Rapids show, did anyone see it? I noticed the article didn’t mention Michigan, it seems to me they were born in either Grand Rapids or Brazil and spent part of their lives in the other (or bouncing around).

Written By: Gary on August 2, 2005 4 Comments

RentseasonsofloveSo I just bought Seasons of Love for only 99 cents. It’s an exclusive track (from iTunes, of course) from the upcoming movie of Rent. I’ve never seen the musical and I’m not sure if I’ll see the movie, but I really like the song, it’s the one that goes

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
In Daylights – In Sunsets
In Midnights – In Cups Of Coffee
How Do You Measure – Measure A Year?

(here’s the rest of the lyrics). The whole video is also available.

I believe the got most of the original cast to play in the movie adaption. So that’s different…

It’s a very sad song. I’ve played it a few times already. Maybe I will have to go see it…

Written By: Gary on July 24, 2005 No Comment

I’ve gotten so many search results in the last few days since I posted about the band Blondfire (formerly known as Astaire). Since they hit the iTunes music store I’ve had all sorts of people finding their way to my site. Their new Live Acoustic EP hit #1 on the iTunes Pop Album Chart and #9 on the overall Top Albums Chart – all firsts for an unsigned band! Go check it out, it’s only $3.96 to buy it!

They are going to be in Grand Rapids on August 4th at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (it’s only $8). I’m hoping to go so leave me a comment if you’re going to be there.

Their web site is http://www.blondfire.com/ so go poke around and see what’s happening. You can listen to the new tracks at their MySpace site. And you can still hear some old tracks too.

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Written By: Gary on July 19, 2005 No Comment

BlondfireIf you recall I was talking about the band Astaire (that opened for Ivy) last month. They had to stop using the name Astaire and changed it to Blondfire. (Why? The Estate of Fred Astaire complained). The important thing is that they just released a new $3.96 four song EP (only at the iTunes store) it’s got three tracks not on their first EP (only $4.49). I’m liking it so far. It says it’s live but you’d never know it. The track titled “L-L-Love” is on both EPs and the Monster In Law soundtrack (although this version is live).

I found this info in the Free Press: “Because of legal threats from the Fred Astaire estate, the Driscolls are changing their name.” Stupid people and their trademarks… (I’m serious, like people would confuse them with Fred Astaire.)

FYI – It looks like they new web site will be http://www.blondfire.com/

Written By: Gary on July 18, 2005 No Comment

Avril LavigneSo the Avril Lavigne concert was great! She was at the DTE Music Theatre (Pine Knob) and I mangaged to get some great seats (row E). It was one of the better concerts I’ve seen in a while. All the screaming enthusiastic fans reallly help to get you going. I don’t know how tall she is, but she can’t be much over 4’10“ (150 cm) and she’s constantly bopping around all over the stage. She literally skipped around in circles during the parts when she didn’t sing. She played all the songs I wanted and I think she played every other song I knew. She played for over two hours! Some just singing, some guitar, piano and the drums. It was really great.

I don’t have her old stuff except for some live cuts and a few odd singles (from the iTunes store). For the encore she did Smells Like Teen Spirt and Hey Ya! (at least I think that’s what it’s called). My photos aren’t so great but click on the thumbnail for the best one and this is my second best one (the others are worse). She’s much cuter in person than I thought (she usually looks mean), the photos don’t do her justice. If you were there and got some better ones can I get a copy…?

Written By: Gary on July 13, 2005 No Comment

Indextop20050412It’s a big update day for Macintosh users. The new Tiger 10.4.2 update (do Software Update or download it) came out, a new version of FireFox, a new version of StuffIt (get the free expander to uncompress zip, sit and other compressed and encoded files) and it’s free music Tuesday so go get your free iTunes songs (if you don’t see the banner scroll down to the lower right corner).

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Written By: Gary on July 2, 2005 2 Comments

And I don’t wanna fall to pieces
I just want to sit and stare at you
I don’t want to talk about it
And I don’t want a conversation
I just want to cry in front of you

Fall To Pieces – Avril Lavigne

So these darn lyrics keep running through my head (they play this part of the song in the iTunes preview so listen if you have it). I don’t know why they keep resonating in my head and my heart lately. I can certainly relate to the feelings in general, but nothing in particular currenlty, which is why I’m confused that they keep coming up. And it’s just this part of the chorus that sticks, until I looked the lyrics up I never even noticed that the next line was “Cuz I’m in Love With you” although it was perfectly clear to me that there was some deep love that was friendship or romance.

It makes me sad but but in a sort of good way. In the way that crying can be a catharsis and purge out the emotional stuff that made you cry in the first place.

I just wanted to check the spelling of catharsis and the definitions were interesting. Actually the Catharsis Wikipedia entry is pretty interesting too.

Did you notice how I jumped from talking about my emotions to the defintion of the word and the history of it? (You did? I thought I might just slip that one by you.)

This is a great album by the way I think I might be turning into an Avril Fan (now that she’s “not so angry any more”).

Written By: Gary on June 30, 2005 2 Comments

The Apple iTunes store has added Podcasts at the iTunes Music Store
icon (just click on “podcasts” from the main menu at the ITMS) and of course they are free. I know you’re thinking, “Who cares, I’ve already got podcasting software to download them and add them to my iPod?” But this doesn’t need software this builds it right in so your friends who you haven’t gotten to listen have no excuse now (the software is free and so are the downloads). Plus they updated the firmware on your iPod to offer several benefits (read on). And Apple started their own weekly new music podacast!

The new iPod software puts the podcasts in a folder so they don’t get mixed in with your music. Plus they all appear to be automatically bookmarked when you leave a podcast and come back to it!!!! This is important for the longer shows (some are 20-60 minutes) when you want to come back and not have to fast forward through a lot of information!

What didn’t they do? I don’t see any way to make my own smart playlist of podcasts. It’s inconvenient to jump around between different podcasts (or I’m doing it wrong). I used to make a smart playlist of short (30sec-2min) daily podcasts and listen to them all in 20-30 minutes, it was like my own radio show. I’m really hoping I’m missing something on this and someone can correct me on it.

I’m sure I’ll find more to comment on about this good and bad but so far the plusses far outweigh the minuses to me…

Written By: Gary on June 22, 2005 One Comment

Samantha MurphyI thought Ram’s Horn was open 24 hours a day. I was in bed dying for waffles. And then when I got back home I realized that I probably could have gotten them at Big Boy (I think they’re open 24/7).

So you should give a listen to Samantha Murphy, in particular to ‘I met him “At the Laundr-O-mat”’, that’s the one I just heard while I was out in the car and I really liked it. I can’t find it at Amazon so I’m guessing she’s limited release still (the link is to iTunes) or not out yet. I heard her on the Daily Source Code with Adam Curry while on the late night waffle quest.

So it turns out she does her own podcast called smTv! And she has audio samples at her web site.

FYI – I ended up settling on a bowl of HoneyComb cereal.

Written By: Gary on June 15, 2005 No Comment

One of my favorite bands, The Indigo Girls, released Rarities this week. Eighteen tracks of odd stuff. Demos, different mixes, live cuts, EP versions and some tracks I don’t know if they’ve ever been released (like Ramblin’ Round featuring Ani DiFranco). If you get it at the iTunes store it comes with 2 bonus tracks.

I’ve probably seen them at least a dozen times not just all over Michigan (Auburn Hills, Clarkston, OU, MSU, Mt. Pleasant, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti) but I’ve seen them in Chicago, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and I’m sure some places I didn’t think of here…

Written By: Gary on June 12, 2005 2 Comments

This was one of the opening acts for Ivy. They’re from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Why haven’t I ever heard of them? FYI – Them is the sibling team of Bruce and Erica Driscoll.

I talked to Erica for just a minute and got her autograph on my CD. When I saked where they were out of, she said “somewhere between Grand Rapids and Brazil”, which didn’t make a lot of sense until I read their Web Site. She was charming, beautiful and very nice.
And she signed my CD “To Gary- heart Erica”. Sigh…

We showed up late and only caught a few of the songs, I was very disappointed with this since I thought they were excellent. Wish I had taken a picture or two. Didn’t even think of it at first. They shared some of the musicians with Ivy which was interesting. I think she looked more like the drawing on the Astaire Music web site (it’s gone now) then the photo on the CD cover. I didn’t get an opportunity to talk to Bruce.

They’ll have an iTunes Exclusive Live Acoustic EP released soon! Their first album, Don’t Whisper Lies, is a five song EP, it’s cheap at the iTunes store! If you’ve got quicktime you can listen to an interactive jukebox thingy they have set up. And they’re featured in the May BMI Podcast.

UPDATE: The band is now called Blondfire.

Written By: Gary on June 11, 2005 One Comment

Dominique Durand IvySo we went out last night four bars/clubs and for the fourth one we ended up back at the first (so it was really three). There was a mission though, Ivy was in town at the Magic Stick (which is above the Majestick, get it?). So it was regular happy hour, to the greektown casino where L’usa were playing (we’ve got friends in the band) and then to the concert. We missed most of the opening acts but we kinda knew that with all the running around (that’ll be another post).

Ivy was great, I think I originally heard her on a WB show (or some show) and they showed her information in the end credits. I think the band is generally three people but I think we counted eight at one point. The photo is of Dominique Durand (I needed to be closer, my camera is great but my flash is pretty lousy). I gave my e-mail to a woman there who took a lot of photos I hope she sends me a few!

So the concert was great, a nice small venue but there weren’t many people there. They’ve got four or five albums out there so I would have expected a few more. I knew it was a small club so I bought my tickets in advance in case they were sold out, I guess I could have saved a few dollars and picked them up at the show. If you had considered going, you really missed out! If you haven’t heard them check them out at the iTunes store.

I looked to see where they were playing today (I’d have done a short road trip), I’m surprised there is no Saturday show, Toronto tomorrow (a little to far for me on a Sunday night). I’ll be keeping my eye out for them again (and picking up the few albums I don’t have). Here is their official Ivy the band web site.

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Written By: Gary on June 7, 2005 No Comment

Tori AmosThis week iTunes has an exclusive four track album for Tori Amos out his week called (coincidentally) Exclusive Session: Tori Amos – EP. The album has live versions of Crazy, Seaside, Sleeps With Butterflies and The Power of Orange Knickers. Tori is one of the few people that I think does good “live albums”.

They also have three free songs this week.

  • Augustana – Stars and Boulevards from You’ll Disappear
  • Harald Johnson, Jarle Vespestad & Tord Gustavsen – Curtains Aside from The Ground
  • The Backstreet Boys – Never Gone (Album Sampler)

    These links should launch iTunes (if you have it) and show the songs. The free songs will not be free after Monday, June 13th 2005.

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    Written By: Gary on May 25, 2005 One Comment

    MclachlanitumesorigiconSo I just got my weekly e-mail from the iTunes Music Store and see that there is a iTunes Originals Sarah McLachlan CD out! (I guess it’s not really a CD but in a few minutes, it will be for me. It’ll actually be two.) As usual there are 30 second previews of all the songs but none of these links will work for you if you don’t have iTunes (Windows or Mac).

    An iTunes Original is generally a bunch of tracks consisting of the artist(s) speaking between the songs giving some background, some (possibly unique) live versions and a few more versions unique to the album. You’ll probably want to make two versions, one with just the music and one including the “directors commentary”…
    There is also a Wallflowers one out this week And I just realized there is an Aimee Mann one from April that I bought a day or two before the demise of the laptop hard-drive a month ago, I’m 99% sure I backed it up before the demise of my laptop but I’m 100% sure I never listened to it, I’ll have to hunt that down too…

    So I’ll burn some CDs for the car while I burn breakfast and it’s off to run around today (up to 70 degrees out!) and hopefully have the roof down…

    Written By: Gary on May 13, 2005 No Comment

    Just so you know. Some (but not all) of my links that lead to items, products or services give me a (very) tiny commission if you buy/subscribe/etc., that’s if you purchase (or add to your cart) while you are there. If it’s something I’m writing about and give it a thumbs up, it’s really something I’m genuinely recommending (and it doesn’t cost more for you to buy it from Amazon or iTunes or whoever from my link then to go there directly so why not get it this way?!?).

    If it’s an ad in the margins, it’s probably generated dynamically so I really can’t say much about it. It does help offset the cost of my hosting…

    I keep thinking that I’ve never mentioned it, so I thought I should…

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    Written By: Gary on April 30, 2005 No Comment

    You must sign up and then you have two chances to win a free iTunes song each week for the next eight weeks. The payoff seems to be about 50% so far. Plus you get entered to win an iPod each time you play. It only takes seconds to do this, have I ever let you wrong on a current free deal?!?

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    Written By: Gary on April 20, 2005 One Comment

    So I was just reading another blog (Glimpse of a Girl) and she has her review of the Tori concert and I realized I never said anything about it when I went last week! I think it was Thursday the 14th of April.

    It was great!! The seats were really good, row M to the right, you always want to sit on the right at a Tori concert if you have a chance since she usually faces that way. She generally has two keyboards but plays most songs on the (baby?) grand on the right. This time was different she had four keyboards of various types and was constantly bouncing around so it offered a better view for others but the right was still the place to be… Tori Amos

    Here’s the set list and now that I look at it I realize I forgot to mention she did a great cover of Bob Seger’s Turn the Page. Although the Abbey Road song I believe was hers (see the lyrics), she said she lived on Abbey Road (or near it) in a beautiful house and muttered something like “I should have bought that fuckin’ house…”

    The odd thing was (and I’m not complaining since it’s not my favorite song) is she didn’t play Cornflake Girl which I think she always plays. I did miss Little Earthquakes, I kinda had that one running through my head…

    It was at the Detroit Opera House which was a nice small venue (3,000-ish seats?). I had really thought I had been there before but I hadn’t, I had been to the music hall which was just down the street. I think the second balcony was bigger than the main floor, the first balcony were sorta/kinda box seats. Lame setup for the souvenirs though, couldn’t get very close to see if there was anything I needed.

    Written By: Gary on April 18, 2005 2 Comments

    Picture 2So I ordered the new Anna Nalick CD at the Sony on-line store last week. The CD comes out tomorrow. Guess what I got in the mail today!!!! It’s pretty good, but the Breath (2 AM) song is still my favorite. I’m still surprised it got here a day early…Anna Nalick

    Written By: Gary on March 25, 2005 No Comment

    I really love the Apple iTunes Music Store (some of the links on this page won’t work if you don’t have iTunes installed). In case you didn’t know they offer (for free) Music Videos and Movie Previews. They also offer Audio Books and once in a blue moon they’ll offer the first chapter for free download. This seems like a good marketing scheme but it’s really hit or miss, I mean you can get a free iTunes song every week but you never know when you’ll get a free chapter…

    Sometimes they just have something odd for free like some extra interviews at the Academy Awards but you never know when. Does any one know of a better way to find these free items/events?!?

    Written By: Gary on February 19, 2005 One Comment

    Was thinking I’d do a meme or two before bed. I’ll do this one from Four for Friday

    Q1: Which is a bigger waste of time in your life… being stuck in traffic or being placed on hold during telephone calls? Which do you find more annoying?
    Probably being stuck in traffic for two reasons. I’m probably not getting anything done and now I’m probably late… On the phone on hold I can at least get other stuff done (if you want them to answer quick, just start brushing your teeth).

    Q2: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently rejected a petition from a consumer group asking that product placements on TV be clearly labeled as such. The FTC said that the use of products by characters in fictional television shows or contestants on reality TV shows like American Idol or The Apprentice does not constitute an objective claim to the quality of the product being shown on screen. What do you think… have the lines become blurred on this one? Should television shows be barred from using overt product placements, or should they at least be made to disclose these sorts of practices before, during, or after (in the credits) the shows in question?
    Reject away. Sheep People can decide for themselves or choose not to watch.
    Q3: With just about every business under the sun now accepting bank check cards and debit cards, do you find that you carry more, less, or the same amount of cash as you did 5 or 10 years ago?
    I’ve never been a big cash person. I charge just about everything. It really gives me some thought at the end of the month when I can see how much I spent and where… That’s the best way to curb my spending.
    Q4: What’s the last song you downloaded from the Internet? If you’ve never downloaded music, what’s the last CD you bought at a store or received as a gift?
    Technically it’s not a song, but the last thing I downloaded was The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection (The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish, Wolves in the Walls, Cinnamon and Crazy Hair) which I bought from the iTunes store. The last song I bought was probably Breathe (2 AM) by Anna Nalick; I’m sure I’ve downloaded other songs from the itunes store but they’d be the free song of the week so I’m not really counting those.
    Written By: Gary on February 17, 2005 No Comment

    Found this at Maison Pants.

    A survey about the songs in your iPod (or just in iTunes).

    How many total songs? 3901 (of 5076 tracks of music, podcasts and audio books and more)

    Sort by Song Title
    First: ? by Nena from 99 Luftballoons
    Last: Zombie by The Cranberries from No Need to Argue

    Sort by Time
    First: The Final Answer Sound from Who Wants to be a Millionaire at 0:02
    Last: God (the dharma kaya-Mix) by Tori Amos at 12:37

    Sort by Album
    First: 3 inch Single by The Go Go’s
    Last: Your Little Secret by Melissa Etheridge

    Sort by Artist
    First: 4 Non Blondes
    Last: Zoe (from an 80’s retro disc)

    Top Ten Most Played Songs
    Wow a bunch of Earthy/Lilith-type stuff (imagine that…)
    Sugarcoated by Aimee Mann
    Adia by Sarah McLachlan
    Answer by Sarah McLachlan
    My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
    Angel by Sarah McLachlan
    Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan
    How Does It Feel by Avril Lavigne
    Nobody’s Home by Avril Lavigne
    Forgotten by Avril Lavigne
    Overdrive by Katy Rose

    Find “sex,” how many songs show up? 18

    Find “death,” how many songs show up? 2

    Find “love,” how many songs show up? 269

    * All links go to the iTunes Music Store.

    Written By: Gary on February 17, 2005 3 Comments

    Does anyone use a bluetooth headset with their Macintosh that will let you listen to music and function as a microphone? If so, which model? and how much do you like it?

    To be clear I want this to directly communicate with my Macintosh audio input/outputs without any wires/hookups, just via the bluetooth signal built into my powerbook and the headset.

    Later (Feb 22): So I found a semi-solution at MacDevCenter. They said the audio doesn’t sound great for iTunes but I think it’ll be okay for other stuff. I found this by spotting some search terms on how someone found my post (and did the same search) and found this solution.

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    Written By: Gary on February 15, 2005 No Comment

    It’s a free hour long Louis L’Amour book (at the iTunes Store), it’s called Merrano of the Dry Country. I haven’t even listened to it yet I just wanted you to have a chance at it (before it’s not free any more).


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    Written By: Gary on February 13, 2005 No Comment

    Almost free: From the iTunes music store an 8 song album from UME. That’s less than 12.5 cents a song!


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    Written By: Gary on February 13, 2005 No Comment

    Here’s another free 16 song album from the Apple Music Store. You must have iTunes installed (the link should launch iTunes and show the free album I know some computers aren’t doing this but if you have iTunes it should, I’ve seen it work on Windows and Mac). A few good songs on it, I had purchased the Toby Lightman on it already.

    Here’s the other 13 song album that I posted last month (again).

    Written By: Gary on February 3, 2005 3 Comments

    So I know I’ve mentioned podcasting before. Listening to podcasts has become a little bit of an obsession for me. The trick is to get the audio files from the Internet and onto your iPod (or other music player). For that you need a podcasting client. The one I use is called iPodderX and it runs on Macintosh OS X. This is probably one of the better clients I’ve seen and it just added the feature I wanted which now makes it the best client I’ve seen.

    IpodderxWhat you do with a client is tell it what feeds (shows) you want to listen to and it gets them for you. It’ll check every few hours pulling down new files for you and put them into a directory and/or itunes for you. iPodderX does all this and more…

    Why is iPodderX the best OS X client?

  • It’ll stick the audio files in custom categories for you (I use this to build my “smart” playlists).
  • It will put them in Custom Folders (or create a folder for each day).
  • It’ll download by keyword (say you listen to the One Minute Tip and you only want tips dealing with PhotoShop you just put that in the keyword field).
  • It’ll let you search the podcast directory right from the program.
  • It’ll convert the files directly to Bookmarkable AAC files (you want this since the iPod is smart enough to use the bookmark to start you up right where you left off, even if you’ve gone and listened to other songs). This is the newest feature that make it the best IMHO.
  • It’ll grab images and put them into iPhoto for you.
  • It’ll also grab movie files (if you like).

    Honestly, I don’t like the way they create the AAC files (the way they have iTunes do it and you can’t adjust settings) but since they do it for me (and I never adjusted the settings) and I don’t have to I can live with it!

    I want a few features to change the audio file ID tags (since many shows don’t use them and it’s hard to find files) with renaming, inserting the date and a few little twists like that and it will be perfect…

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