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Written By: Gary on December 23, 2005 No Comment

Two free videos from the iTunes Music Store. You don’t need an iPod to see these, you just need the free iTunes software installed.

  • Chronicles of Narnia Rap, which I mentioned a few days ago.
  • Battlestar Galactica, a 21 minute behind the scenes (which I haven’t watched yet).
  • Written By: Gary on August 10, 2005 One Comment

    So here’s an idea! After you put linux on your iPod, try installing a copy of Doom. Here’s a short video clip, it’s pretty impressive (even to a non-gamer like me); I figure some of the delay is part of movie clip. Here’s the info for what you need ipod. I think it’s actually free (legally). I’m sure it’s not easy to install.

    Written By: Gary on January 9, 2005 No Comment

    So I’m on my way back to Detroit. I downloaded a bunch of blogs to read on the plane and I’m also listening to my iPod. Right now I’m listening to Toby Lightman which I purchased from the iTunes store a ways back. I also heard Stumblin’ by Powderfinger, Sway by The Perishers and lots of stuff (Live on 8/27/04) from Claudia Jane – who appears to have recently given up blogging :(

    I’m also thinking of Anna Nalick’s new song that I just caught the tail end of on the shuttle to the Airport (I think her new album is out in the next two weeks, the one with 2 AM on it).

    Written By: Gary on October 12, 2004 No Comment

    The Free song of the day is Teenage Dope Fiend from Flickerstick. Not sure why Apple can’t dynamically update my sidebar link in a timely manner on Tuesdays. Go to Teenage Dope Fiend for your free song.

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