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Written By: Gary on June 30, 2005 2 Comments

The Apple iTunes store has added Podcasts at the iTunes Music Store
icon (just click on “podcasts” from the main menu at the ITMS) and of course they are free. I know you’re thinking, “Who cares, I’ve already got podcasting software to download them and add them to my iPod?” But this doesn’t need software this builds it right in so your friends who you haven’t gotten to listen have no excuse now (the software is free and so are the downloads). Plus they updated the firmware on your iPod to offer several benefits (read on). And Apple started their own weekly new music podacast!

The new iPod software puts the podcasts in a folder so they don’t get mixed in with your music. Plus they all appear to be automatically bookmarked when you leave a podcast and come back to it!!!! This is important for the longer shows (some are 20-60 minutes) when you want to come back and not have to fast forward through a lot of information!

What didn’t they do? I don’t see any way to make my own smart playlist of podcasts. It’s inconvenient to jump around between different podcasts (or I’m doing it wrong). I used to make a smart playlist of short (30sec-2min) daily podcasts and listen to them all in 20-30 minutes, it was like my own radio show. I’m really hoping I’m missing something on this and someone can correct me on it.

I’m sure I’ll find more to comment on about this good and bad but so far the plusses far outweigh the minuses to me…

Written By: Gary on October 28, 2004 2 Comments

I even saw there was an update to iTunes but I just didn’t process that there were supposed to be product announcements AND that I had been dying for this one.

I kept saying when they come out with a color display iPod with more storage and more features I’d get it. Ever since I saw the rumors a month ago I’ve been very interested…

Syncing to iPhoto (or Adobe with Windows) with video out it’s just the new toy that I needed. I even got it engraved so if when I misplace it….



Written By: Gary on October 8, 2004 One Comment

This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! 60 GB and color and A/V out and syncs with iPhoto and I’m sure it even does more. Even more info here and here.

Capable of storing 20,000 music tracks and 25,000 photos. Album artwork will be displayed on screen when it’s available for a selected track. Photo albums will be navigated in a similar fashion to music playlists, and a slideshow feature will provide transitions with user-specified background music, similar to iPhoto.

It seems realistic (lots of rumors out there), 60 GB is the obvious next step, so is color. What to do with color? Cover art isn’t enough… let’s add iPhoto support. Hey, they gotta show the photos, let’s add video out support… Added bonus? If iTunes hooked (and converted) a lot of windows users, what will iTune and iPhoto for windows do? (this is still a secret, there has not been any announcement of iPhoto for windows)

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