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Written By: Gary on August 19, 2006 One Comment

Here’s an interesting post from over at GirlSpoke. Turns out while looking at the vistor log Meme found a link visitor from “house.gov” (which would be a machine under the House of Reps domain). The question in her mind was what link did they follow to get there? The answer was they got there from a Google search:

The Google search terms were:

“How do I find a chick to f-ck if I am married?”

She’s got more details in her original post.

Written By: Gary on March 19, 2006 No Comment

So I’ve set up another blog called My Trip To Egypt appropriately URLed with http://mytriptoegypt.com/

This new blog is only for posts related to my Egypt trip. Don’t worry, all the Egypt posts will all show up here, I’m just showing them the Egypt category from here (so they don’t see my other posts). When I give them (co-workers/family) a vacation web site I don’t want them getting more than they bargained for…

You may want to poke your head over there, I’ll be showing the local time and weather and who knows what other fun gizmos I’ll find for the margins of the pages (any suggestions?). As of now it’s got the pre-Egypt messages I’ve posted here over the past year but it’ll have more later.

FYI – I don’t generally give people my blog address, I don’t advertise it to family and friends, I generally don’t even mention it to co-workers. If they want to find it I’m sure that they can (it’d take about 2 seconds if they googled me) and I’m okay with that (but I’m not giving them direct links to the personal blog). But with my trip coming up I’ll want to share those entries and photos so I’ll give them the address to that site.

You might get a few more posts than they do, if anything that I want to blog that I might feel is not appropriate or more personal for co-workers and/or family it’s only going to get posted here. It’s not like I often (ever?) post things that are inappropriate but that site is for specific vacation information so that’s what they’ll see.

I’m not sure if comments will work there, I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the extra work to rig it so they can comment there and not get bounced back here. So if you want to comment (and please do!) you’ll probably have to comment from here. I’ll copy that theme over to here as the trip nears.

Written By: Gary on September 27, 2004 No Comment

whynopictureonnetI think the page speaks for itself – http://web.archive.org/web/20040522100943/http://www.smlinks.com/sotw/why/.

This is a repost but the link had been bad for a long time (this is a new link) so I’m reposting it for all of those who have asked me about it.

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