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Written By: Gary on September 9, 2008 One Comment

ChocomentaSo my favorite ice cream bar to get in Costa Rica is ChocoMenta by Dos Pinos (Twin Pines). It’s is good sized mint ice cream bar cover in chocolate on a stick. It’s a generous size, especially when you consider the price, they were generally only about 75 cents! You can see in the image (click it) that it’s a decent sized stick, and I think that helped the ice creme to not fall off the stick in the heat and humidity (not that I had a lot this trip).

Occasionally, I couldn’t find them so they were a welcome treat when I found them. At at 75 cents it was an awesome treat!

And for my older readers: “Milky the clown says, ‘What’s the Magic Word?'”…

Written By: Gary on April 16, 2006 No Comment

“Friends don’t let friends eat store bought ice cream!” You can get this on a T-shirt for free if you pick up 48 oz. of ice cream to go at Coldstone. You MUST bring the coupon! I’m actually not a big Coldstone fan, but I thought this was a great idea for a t-shirt. (I’m assuming the link will die when the offer is over…)

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Written By: Gary on July 11, 2005 No Comment

Since it’s 7/11 today and the 40th anniversary of the Slurpee, you can get a free 7.11 ounce slurpee!! (Participating 7/11s only, while supplies last, yada, yada).

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