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Written By: Gary on September 16, 2006 One Comment

So Amazon always makes suggestions when you buy something or even just look at something. For example, if you look at the Roswell Season 1 DVD set it says “Customers who bought items like this also bought” Roswell Season 2, Roswell Season 3, Angel Season 1 and 24 Season 1 (and stuff like that). I always like this feature, sometimes it points out other movies or musicians I might like.

TripodtapesSo on one of the sale boards I read (SlickDeals.net) someone pointed when you look at a particular item you get a suggestion for a tripod and video tapes. Pretty simple, it’s probably a suggestion for a video camera or spare camera battery or something, right?

Wrong! It’s for a Condom Lover’s Variety Pack (with Condoms, Lubes, Lotions, Potions, Naughty Novelties, and MORE! 100 Count)!! Because let’s face it, if you need 100 condoms, there’s a pretty good chance you need some extra videotape and you’re gonna get tired of holding the camera.

So now that degraded to this level of humor, I’ll point out at Amazon in the ‘Health and Personal’ category they have 3,529 results when you search for condom.

UsedcondomAnd if you’re a little low on cash instead of picking up a package for $12.49 you can possibly pick it up <i>used</i> for a better value of only $7.99!

Sorry, we now return to out regularly scheduled no-so-juvenile programming….

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