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Written By: Gary on January 4, 2008 One Comment

There’s hope for me yet!!!!

Tango magazine on-line has a fun article on why dating nerdy guys is actually a good thing….

Two of the points made me laugh since they apply to me:

  • It’s just that a geek’s approach to life tends to be if-x-then-y.
  • They don’t get hints.
  • Written By: Gary on February 22, 2005 No Comment

    Mobile PC released a list of The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time and it’s got some fun stuff on it. I’ve owned quite a few of these (even the plain old mechanical ones) or some variation of them at one time or another. It’s a fun list if you like gadget and gizmos….

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    Written By: Gary on February 29, 2004 No Comment

    i know exactly what an IEEE 802.3-compliant CSMA _CD-oriented combination RJ-45 BNC-style 10 100-BaseTX PCI 2.1-spec PnP NIC is used for and what it does, and i don't even know what my own spleen accomplishes for me.I saw this somewhere on-line and thought it was interesting enough to post. It’s so true. I’m sure I can rattle off a few similar things but I still need to look up a birthday, a phone number or something equally as significant. I just thought it was extra interesting since I’m not really sure what the spleen does either… Besides, it made me laugh out loud!

    I couldn’t link to the original source since I couldn’t determine where it was. It seemed to be linked a few times, I’ll have to ask Bobby I guess…

    Written By: Gary on February 24, 2004 One Comment

    This is my blogger code: B1 d+ t+ k- s– u- f- i++ o++ x+ e l c+. You’ll have to click on the link to see what it means (or to create your own.

    I thought it was semi-interesting enough to post, but more importantly… I beat Heather to one of these silly quiz/test things. :)

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