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Written By: Gary on October 24, 2004 One Comment

Who likes people in their business? No one. So why are we messing with this on the ballot? (There is no good answer to this, I’m not really looking for a reply.)

I thinking I’ve finally resigned myself to this being on the ballot and I’m getting excited about it. It’s opening up all sorts of future possibilities for votes that also impede on people’s civil rights:

  • Stupid people are not allowed to have children.
  • You need a permit to use the drive-thru (to prove you’re able to eat while you drive).
  • A $200 fine for turning / lane changes with out your blinker on for at least three seconds before executing.
  • No charge cards / credit unless you can prove that you actually have the ability to pay them off someday.
  • A fine for every time someone makes up an answer instead of saying “I don’t know”.
  • You must vote (or at least show up to click “abstain”) in every election (elections will be voided with less then 80% participation).

    I think many people would agree with me that having these (imaginary) proposals passed would make for a far better nation. They are actually going to affect the nation (unlike some laws) and make things better.

    Eventually I think this will pave the way to banning stupidity completely (who’s going to show up to vote against it?).

    Okay so maybe the blinker thing is just a pet peeve of mine, but I think it would make for better driving safety. Hmm… I have two on there about driving safety don’t I… I didn’t even mention driving with cell phones…

  • Written By: Gary on October 16, 2004 No Comment

    Jeff points out (actually someone else did, but Jeff summarized it better and made it a more useable link, and added more info). How much straight people point out that they are (straight) in a two minute conversation.

    He also points out when people get married they get 1,049 legal rights that they didn’t have before…

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    Written By: Gary on March 22, 2004 3 Comments

    So this topic has been bugging me. So I’ll whine for my longest time ever here (have I ever whined here?). If insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’ and ‘those who don’t pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it’. Aren’t the people against this going to lose against the couples fighting for their rights? Are they insane expecting different results!?!

    I’ve read a few times that Michigan already has a law that bans gay marriage (here and here) but I personally don’t understand why Michigan was/is also trying to add it to the constitution. I’m not sure if I’ve read this in a reliable news source though, I’ve been obsessed with blogs lately so it might have been there. FYI: Michigan does allow public universities and other entities to provide benefits for same-sex couples that are the same as if the couple was married. (I’ve modified this paragraph a few times since the original post).

    Same-sex couples are going to get married in non-official weddings regardless of the law, right? They’ve been doing it for years, even on the steps of the state capitol. So as far as they are concerned, they are married and others will continue to do so. If same-sex couples are getting the same benefits at work (even state/public universities) then what is the difference?!?

    I have a real question. If a couple goes and gets married somewhere legal and comes back to Michigan, does their job have to give both members benefits?

    This final thought:
    “A heterosexual woman who abuses her infant in the womb with drugs and alcohol, and who later fails to provide food or shelter, is granted greater privilege before the law than a lesbian couple who wishes to adopt and properly care for that same child.” This caught my eye while I was looking for a Monday meme and led me to this article which (re)started this thought process while I was in the middle of blogging, hence this entry.

    Please feel free to polietly correct me on any incorrect legalisms.

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