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Written By: Gary on December 13, 2008 One Comment

I cannot believe how much gas has dropped in the last few months. It’s really insane, but in a good way.

I got this graph from DetroitGasPrices.com. Looks like they shot back up 10 cents in the last few days, but still. Compared to gas prices from 5 years ago, we’re right around the same area but pretty much since then it’s a much better deal.

I was talking two years ago about “how low” prices had dropped but it almost peaked at a dollar less these past few weeks.

FYI, when I buy my gas I try to check DetroitGasPrices.com (I think it’s an offshoot of GasBuddy.com). I’m not going to drive way out of my way for a few cents, but if I’m driving through an area that’s cheap, I’ll wait until I get to the cheaper place…

Written By: Gary on August 29, 2006 No Comment

That’s pretty good price for gasoline isn’t it? I didn’t need much gas (maybe 1/4 tank) but I couldn’t pass it up!!!

Written By: Gary on November 21, 2005 2 Comments

So in the last 10 weeks gas has dropped a dollar! At least it has in the Detroit, Michigan area. Probably two out of three stations are $1.99 or less for a gallon of gasoline. It’s just crazy to think that it was over $3.00 not that long ago.

Not much of a deep thought but it keeps hitting me every time I pass a gas station and see how low it’s gone.

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