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Written By: Gary on December 13, 2008 One Comment

I cannot believe how much gas has dropped in the last few months. It’s really insane, but in a good way.

I got this graph from DetroitGasPrices.com. Looks like they shot back up 10 cents in the last few days, but still. Compared to gas prices from 5 years ago, we’re right around the same area but pretty much since then it’s a much better deal.

I was talking two years ago about “how low” prices had dropped but it almost peaked at a dollar less these past few weeks.

FYI, when I buy my gas I try to check DetroitGasPrices.com (I think it’s an offshoot of GasBuddy.com). I’m not going to drive way out of my way for a few cents, but if I’m driving through an area that’s cheap, I’ll wait until I get to the cheaper place…

Written By: Gary on July 26, 2008 One Comment

I felt like they were giving it away. That’s really really sad…

Written By: Gary on March 12, 2008 2 Comments

I can’t believe these prices. I only paid $3.23 yesterday but I paid $3.25 on Friday. I think that’s the highest I’ve ever paid. And “they” say it’s going to keep going up…

I’m so glad I don’t drive far. Generally, less than a tank gets me through the week.

Written By: Gary on January 14, 2008 2 Comments

I know everyone keeps their eyes open for good gas prices and will hit one gas station over another since it’s a few pennies different. I’m sure some people sometimes waste gas by driving a little farther. I know I’m always happy when I can save a few pennies per gallon (I usually fill up on Tuesdays since I’m usually over by some cheap stations). Here’s something to keep in mind, 6 cents more a gallon (if it’s around $3) is only a 2% difference (12 cents more a gallon is only 4%).

Normally, when I eat at McDonald’s I get a number 3 meal (Quarter Pounder – no pickle, no mustard which includes a 20 oz soda and medium fry). At the McDonald’s by work (Plymouth/Beech, Redford, MI) it’s $4.77 (tax included); at the McD’s by my house (Michigan/Greenfield in Dearborn) it’s $5.36 (tax included). That’s a 59 cent difference! That’s 12% more at the more expensive McDonald’s. FYI, both the McD’s I’m referring to have been renovated in the last few years and the cheaper one has a playland.

So keep in mind if your $3 gallon of gas was 12% more at a nearby location it would 36 cents more per gallon! Now it’s not cost effective for me to take the time (and gas) to drive home to save 60 cents, but maybe I should check out the other two nearby McDonald’s to see what they charge. Plus Kelly always refers to the Redoford one as an expensive one (that’s the one I say is cheap).

When they talk about fuel price gouging, maybe we should consider all types of fuel…

Written By: Gary on September 7, 2006 One Comment

Wow! $2.39 A Gallon

Originally uploaded by garylapointe.

This was awesome! I got this deal on gasoline while taking mom out to dinner today. Twelve Mile road and Coolidge in Berkley (Michigaan).

Written By: Gary on October 30, 2005 No Comment

So we drove by the $2.08 gas station today several times, but it just wasn’t worth the wait to save a few pennies on gasoline. (If you’re near Dearborn, MI it’s the Sunoco on Greenfield between Ford and Michigan.)

Written By: Gary on September 20, 2005 One Comment

Yes, that’s for a whole gallon!!!

Ann Arbor Trail and Telegraph (Redford/Dearborn Heights, Michigan).

Written By: Gary on September 14, 2005 One Comment

Considering it was 60 cents more a week or so ago, this is pretty good. I got a half tank of gasoline so I’m all topped off…

And what’s just as important as this post is, it’s also important that it wasn’t about music or iPods or Apple.

It was in Allen Park (or maybe Melvindale), MI at Allen and Outer Drive.

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Written By: Gary on September 22, 2004 No Comment

Okay do it wasn’t free but it was only $1.68 and I was pretty excited about it. (It’s the little things.)

It was in Melvindale (or Detroit) on Dix/Toledo a few blocks before it dead ends into Schaefer (south of the Rouge plant), one on each side of the road. Just in case you want some too!

Written By: Gary on May 23, 2004 No Comment

I think this says it all. (My shortest post ever!)

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