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Written By: Gary on September 21, 2005 One Comment

Some of these short little posts about the gas prices just aren’t going to make sense someday when someone looks back at these posts. These days I can just say “$2.38” to someone and it makes sense (they know I’m talking about the gas prices) but if it ever gets reasonable again it won’t be as clear.

FYI, for gas prices I keep an eye on detroitgasprices.com (not more than 24 hours out of date), I don’t rush out when I see a great price but if I’m heading in the direction I’ll get it. It just gives me an idea of if it’s in the $2.40s or $2.70s today. Also, sites like this are more up-to-date when prices are very high (what ever constitutes high that year). GasBuddy.com is the parent site and lists all over the country.

They do charts too!


Yes, I know the charts don’t exactly fit right, click for full size if they look funny. (They do look okay in some browser and some resolutions)

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