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Written By: Gary on November 4, 2005 No Comment

So I kinda posted this information already on Dean’s World, he generally asks “What are you up to?” on Fridays. But I’ll elaborate more for my blog.

I slept great last night, I didn’t have to work today and I managed to sleep in. This is the best sleep I’ve had in six months, not counting using a sleeping pill (which doesn’t always work) or being sick (which generally has me sleeping). It was beautiful out today, probably the last day I’ll get to drive around with the top down in the convertible so I was really enjoying that! And I got takeout and ate Chinese at the park (yum!).

It was a slow night. Went to Happy Hour, sort of. I’m not really a bar person, I wish I was, or at least wish I could strike up a conversation more. I had a drink but I was mostly there to pick up some hot wings, my buddy who I’d normally be at happy hour with is in the hospital (see yesterday) so I was taking him some “normal” Friday food.

We hassled Kim, one of the nurses, since I didn’t understand what they meant when they said they were flushing (cleaning) the IV “tap” in his arm. I got a mostly satisfactory answer but it’s still not 100% in my head. We played some Dominoes (I barely won) and hung out there for a while and I came home the long way (I-94 between the Lodge/10 and I-96 is closed for the weekend). I’m thinking he’s going to be there more than a few more days…

Written By: Gary on March 25, 2005 No Comment

So it’s Friday and I’m off to bed early (again). We did hit happy hour a few hours earlier than usual (since work was closed today), we actually left at the time we usually arrive. Still, I think I might need a few more things going on in my life to keep me busy. Actually, a few more things related to dating (and not sleeping) would probably be more of a step in the right direction…

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