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Written By: Gary on February 26, 2011 One Comment

So all I could think when I read this is “Where’s my Jet Pack?”, which is what I thought I’d have by now. The cartoon is actually four frames, so you’ll have to click it for the last frame (and it’ll take you to the site that I got it from.


After clicking it, as with all xkcd cartoons, be sure to hover your mouse pointer over it for an extra punchline, while it’s not as funny, it does reference my initial needs.

Written By: Gary on July 22, 2005 3 Comments

sky carSo I’m sure we’ve all see the pictures of the flying cars. Don’t need roads, they’ve got VTOL* got over 100 miles per hour, yada, yada, yada… engine

But when can I actually get one of these these things? Or at least get to go for a ride? You can see the red two seater flying car in the photo, it’s a Moller Skycar (designed by Moller International), I saw it at NextFest. It’s pretty much how I imagined it. But before I saw it, I was out side and I saw one of this green engine. You can see it’s a little big for a two seater. At first I was really confused, I thought the cars just looked smaller in the pictures. Can someone tell me what kind of engine this is? Is it for the bus version or is it just an normal everyday huge engine?

So the car was very cool, I still think it will be a while before they are available as cars. I think they might be some form of aircraft at first. Probably with easier licensing since they are supposedly easier to fly. I think of them sort of like a helicopter with an automatic (computerized) transmission, much easier to handle. (I could be way wrong on this).

(I would swear I did a post on this type of flying car in the last year but I can’t find it….)

*VTOL – Vertical Take Off and Landing.

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