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Written By: Gary on August 4, 2011 No Comment

I love the camera on the iPhone, while it’s not the best digital camera I’ve owned, it’s always with me and it’s lots better than others that I’ve owned*. I’ve taken well over 400 photos in the last two months (actually it’s got an okay flash, a digital zoom, tap to focus, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and a huge screen. And don’t forget that it’s also a HD 720p video camera, for a while it was the best video camera I ever owned (and the only one with a light). Factor in that you can upload (Flickr, YouTube, FaceBook) and e-mail photos / videos instantly, it’s pretty amazing. That’s not even factoring in optional photo and video editing apps.


I actually chose the HDR photo because of the additional detail from the water droplets. While I like the color of the flowers I actually like the color a tiny bit more in the non-HDR version. HDR on the iPhone (almost) instantly takes several photos at different settings to brighten the dark spots and darken the bright spots, giving you a wider range (they do take longer to save).

So these are some flowers out in front of the school where I work. I thought they were looking pretty good for no one really maintaing them in the summer (it’s a student project) with the whacky weather we’ve been having (melting or flooding) so they became the focus of today’s 31 photos in 31 days photo.

reg-zoom-flower-IMG_0876.png hdr-zoom-flower-IMG_0877.png

Above you can see two photos zoomed in on the same area, notice the additional detail of the water droplets on the right had side of the image when you compare the two (image on the right is the HDR version).

So it’s a great camera and I’m always taking pictures with it, even when I have other cameras with me.

* My iPhone is a hundred times better than the first digital camera that I owned, a $600 Casio QV-10 in 1996 (world’s first digital camera that includes a TFT display), which was 640×480 (iPhone 4 has 2592×1936 pixels) and had a proprietary graphics format that you had to convert to JPEG. This camera had no flash, no real zoom and ate AA batteries like they were candy. A feature it did have was that it had a video out; I remember taking pictures at a wedding and hooking it up to a huge projector that happened to be at the reception for some other kind of slideshow, I was the hit of the party (and the photographer said he was going to go get one for his next wedding).

Written By: Gary on July 4, 2005 No Comment

evanston flowersI found these lovely plants with their lovely reds and purples and greens. The were in a spot either welcoming me to Evanston or Northwestern’s Campus (or maybe the downtown Evanston area). They were just really bright and cheerful so I took a few photos :)

The photos didn’t come out as well as I’d like but you still get to see them since I liked them. The two that didn’t get thumbnailed are here and here

Can anyone tell me what these are? (Perennials?)

Totally off topic: So sometimes when it’s late and I can’t sleep I’ll occasionally take a sleeping pill, I don’t do this too often but my schedule is a little off so I needed to get to sleep. The point of this is that it makes me a little loopy and when I opened the draft of this post this morning this is how it read, “I found these lovely plantsa wwith their lovely reds and purple and green. The were in aspot that made me think they cow accopmplisment and would you survive.” So it has some typing and grammar issues but those last four or five words really confuse me. Fortunately they must have been enough for me to not hit post :)

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