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A great photo sharing site (which I haven’t used much since I upgraded to the Pro account).

Written By: Gary on April 27, 2006 One Comment


Originally uploaded by garylapointe.

So we went on a camel ride yesterday!

We rode them up a dune (15 minutes) and then back down across the Sahara desert (and hour?) to a village where we had a tour.
It wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be!

Written By: Gary on April 25, 2006 One Comment

It’s Tuesday and most of the group are at the other site I mentioned yesterday. But I got to sleep!!!! I think I slept for about 8 1/2 hours and then on and off for about an hour (so I got up). Had breakfast, did a nice walk to the Internet Cafe and I’ll head back in a few…

It’s a nice day out but my legs are really sore from yesterday, I might take a carriage ride back to the hotel… :)

Don’t forget I’ve got more photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/garylapointe/ which I’ve been titling slightly better and with more descriptions.

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Written By: Gary on April 20, 2006 No Comment

In Luxor we’re staying at the Sofitel Pavilion Winter Palace it’s pretty grand (but our rooms need a refurbish) and I’ve got a great view (see photos).

We’ve been to Karnak (I just posted a few more pictures some with people in it go give a sense of scale) and the Luxor Temple (shots also posted, the night shots are from here) and the temple and more. I’ve got so many more photos (and stories) but not enough time…

We did a sunset boat ride. And tomorrow we’re crossing the nile to see the sun rise. I’ve got to be up and ready to leave at 4:30 am, plus I’ve got to be packed because we go the ship right after and we’ll be on the Nile for 4 days!

I’m so excited to not have to pack again for 3 nights! And it’s the boat, so it doesn’t have to be “airplane neat” just so I can carry it all!

I’m assuming that the Internet will be sparse for a while since I was told that ATM machines probably won’t be at most of our stops (I’m assuming WiFi is more sparse than ATMs are).

As a reminder here are my flickr Egypt photos .

Written By: Gary on April 17, 2006 No Comment

I do have a few more photos my Flickr feed from Egypt, click to see my flickr Egypt photos (hopefully I’ll work on the descriptions later) you should be able to get some idea if you click on the photo and read the “tags”. If you haven’t seen them yet you can view a slideshow.

Internet access isn’t as easy as I hoped so we’ll see have the rest of the trip goes…

Written By: Gary on February 26, 2006 One Comment

Originally uploaded by Mindaou.

Click for a larger image.

So I was looking at flickr photos (not mine) and saw this interesting building. I’m guessing it’s in Egypt (but I’m not really sure…

I’ll let you know what I find out. From the comment I was able to find out more.

It’s the Memorial of the Unknown Soldier build in 1975 in the Nasr City district in Cairo.

It looks as if Anwar Sadat inaugurated the statue, was assassinated near it and was buried there also.

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Written By: Gary on November 18, 2005 No Comment
  • Apple 12 inch Powerbook: Software, Internet, Music, Audio Books, Podcasts, eBooks, Movies and more. It’s got just about everything I need.
  • Palm OS Cell Phone (Samsung i500): Phone, Day Planner, Address/Phone Book, a few games, slow internet (but I can get info and check my mail), it’ll work as a modem for my computer in a pinch.
  • Digital Camera (Minolta Dimage Xt 3.2MP): Photos, short Movies, Audio recording and in a pinch it’ll work as a thumb drive (I think it’ll work as a webcam on a windows machine).
  • iPod 60GB color (no video): Music, Podcasts, eBooks, my (read only) calendar/addressbook, some eBook files and works as a really big thumb drive.
  • TiVo (250 GB DVD recorder): Plays TV (what I want when I want), Records what I want every week (and makes suggestions), plays CDs, DVDs, Video CDs, streams audio and photos from my computers. With the new (free) HME options I can check the weather, movie listings, RSS feeds, photo feeds, flickr streams, play games, play my iTunes, back up shows to my computer and more (people keep writing these modules).

    All are pretty mullti-functional devices that are converging. The Powerbook + TiVo have pretty similar capabilities and the phone + palm + camera + iPod are certainly sharing some capabilities too. Merge those in to two devices that let me doc them together and life would be good. The only thing missing is a real video recorder (and that’s probably coming soon).

    I’m pretty covered, I’m not sure what else I need. Other than the newer / faster / smaller versions of these same gadgets, of course (I’d like the iPod video player). Maybe something to power/charge all these gizmos. Obviously I need a TV/projector for the TiVo (and speakers for the surround sound) but other than normal appliances these do pretty good for me.

    From Top 5 Friday.

  • Written By: Gary on November 18, 2005 No Comment

    As I decided that yesterday was officially the first day of Winter. And I found this cool fall flickr photo of mimbrava’s. I thought I’d blog it as I’m probably going to retire this fall background theme for the season.


    so very orange
    Originally uploaded by mimbrava.


    Written By: Gary on November 2, 2005 4 Comments

    My blog is worth $34,436.94.
    How much is your blog worth?

    So this seems to be the badge/test/meme all the cool kids are doing this week, so me being the follower that I am (not), I’ll do it too…

    The previous version of this blog (http://garylapointe.com/mypointe/) is worth about the same (so if I redirected all traffic would it be worth double?)

    The Daily Meme is worth $103,310.82! Which is just funny since I put so little time into it, but it’s a resource, a compilation of memes (although not usually badge creators such as this). So I only make changes as the happy and as sites die.

    Click the link and you can find out the value of your blog! It uses Technorati data and Weblogs/AOL deal for value. More than I’m willing to analyze but still fun to check out.

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    Written By: Gary on June 24, 2005 No Comment

    weather reportIt got to be a hot one today. They said 97 today and I don’t think they were exaggerating! I’ve bounced all around today. Heather’s house was my base and I bounced between there and the paths by the water at Northwestern U and downtown Evanston each a few times. And I drank about 10 gallons of water, coca-cola and Gatorade. I also took a bunch of photos which I’ll add later once I get back to a WiFi zone (I’ll post a few and add a bunch to my flickr feed). It’s still pretty hot out even with the sun down (even with a breeze).

    Written By: Gary on June 14, 2005 No Comment

    Flickblog LogoGet some free stuff from Flickr. All you need to do is send them an addressed enveloped (no stamps required) and they’ll send you some buttons and stickers!

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    Written By: Gary on June 5, 2005 One Comment

    Lacy at Silverberry got a new Macintosh Powerbook. She seems to be liking it and has a flickr slideshow showing that “Apple really has packaging and presentation details down”. They really do, it’s especially noticeable with the laptops and the iPods IMHO. So a like is here for your pleasure…

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