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Written By: Gary on October 8, 2005 No Comment

So Serenity came out last week, it’s a sequel to a TV show called Firefly that Fox canceled (The big complaint from the fans is they ran the episodes out of order and actually aired the pilot last). Serenity is the name of the ship (Firefly is the make/model of the ship). So on-line cartoonists have been doing some cartoons:

  • This is an older one but it shows a bit of the fan mentality. Many of the fans love the theme song. The artist is a big fan, he even did desktop images.
  • Joy of tech did one for the opening.
  • This Joy of Tech followup is for the extra geeky

    FOLLOW UP: Turns out the “Nice Guy” guys managed to score a few tickets to the premiere and the VIP party after. See the Oct. 1 entry and the few before that.

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    Written By: Gary on July 24, 2005 3 Comments

    So the SciFi channel started rerunning Firefly and the preview for the Serenity movie (the movie sequel) looks so great I thought I’d try the series again (I think I tried one episode originally and it didn’t take), but I think they (whatever network dropped it) originally ran them out of order. This was part one of the two part pilot (which was never run as the pilot, I’m not even 100% sure it was ever run they actually ran it as the last episode). I really enjoyed it! I think I might pick up the DVD and catch up in higher picture quality and the missing three episodes. And I really don’t need another Friday show; Stargate, Atlantis, Numbers, Monk, and Battlestar Galactica is already more than I watch the rest of the week combined!

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