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Written By: Gary on May 27, 2005 2 Comments

These offers only last so long. Here’s a FREE two year subscription for Family Fun Magazine. It’s a good magazine. The link will just stop working when it’s expired. This is the real deal, I’ve gotten magazines free from these folks (MagsCentral.com) before. Click the image for a link to Amazon reviews.

SORRY THIS LINK IS EXPIRED. (It lasted a whole week though…)

Let me know when you start to get it.

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Written By: Gary on April 8, 2004 No Comment

  1. Do you keep in touch with most of your family (internal and external) members? Why/why not? Here and there, I think I keep in touch less now that I moved back to the Detroit area.
  2. If you’ve lost touch with some of your family and friends, is it time to call them up and find out how they are, or do you even care? I haven’t seen them much lately but I’m doing Easter at my place this year so that’ll be fun. Many of them haven’t even seen my place.
  3. Are you afraid to contact someone that you haven’t had communications with in a long time? Do you think they’ll be pissed that you haven’t called in 5 years? Or do you think, “better late than never”? Better late than never. Sometimes it’s hard when you wonder what they are expecting, or vice versa…

Bonus Question: How do you react when someone (friend or family) that you haven’t spoken with (for whatever reason) in years contacts you? I always like it, it’s fun to catch up and see what people have been up to when you haven’t talked to them for a while.

From 3x Thursday.

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