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Written By: Gary on November 17, 2007 One Comment

Colon-Trend-TenyearSo the exchange rates are pretty good for people from the US traveling to Costa Rica these days. You can see from the graph it’s been going up ever since my first trip in 1999, prices have gone up there too, especially costs for tourist type things, but it’s still been a decent value. Especially when you compare it to Britain or Canadian exchange rates, where the dollar has considerably dropped in value lately. It hasn’t really changed much since my last trip but it should be pretty good for my next one, it’s about 520 to $1.00 today.

Current Rates
$1.00 (US) = CRC
1000 CRC = $ USD
Currency data courtesy coinmill.com

More info on The exchange rate, some from Wikipedia (currency photos) and from Vacation City (currency photos).

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