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Written By: Gary on December 27, 2005 5 Comments

So Doug did something like this: He took the lowest ten sites (excluding two spam sites) on the TTLB Ecosystem (a rating system for blogs based on links) and created a link to them to help with the evolution of their sites. For example the lowest on the rank is 45,000 (give or take) called Insignificant Microbes, I rate 8051 and am a Flippery Fish and the top 10 are ranked as Higher Beings.

I’m doing this a little different than Doug. I’m going to look through the very bottom of the list, work my way up and pick the first ten that I like (not dislike) that have posted recently (some are pretty outdated). I looked from 45550-45592 and I ended up with eleven and in the spirt of linking felt no reason to reduce the list to just ten.

  • 45550. Good News Edition
  • 45562. Ananthoo’s Updates
  • 45563. Sacred Insanity

  • 45567. Sensible Mom
  • 45564. Gadget Loft
  • 45576. mike jr: Humor
  • 45575. SEO Files: Google Archives
  • 45580. The Schonborn Site
  • 45585. Bloated Monster
  • 45586. Brooding Dane
  • 45588. High Class Blogs
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