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Written By: Gary on October 18, 2004 One Comment

So I got to see the Reverend Heather Voss do a full service last night. Very cool. She’s a pro and act like she’s done it for years. Afterwards we had all the students over at her place for dinner, many ate and run, and some hung around for a little bit and some hung around longer and we played Euchre and chatted. It was really fun, I was a little more sedate than usual, but that was their time not mine.

I sure miss college. I loved being a student. I really miss those 15 week (or 10 week) deadlines when the semester over and it was behind you. Yes I may have failed the class, but at least it was over I had a week off and I could start again. No one ever brought up that project from eighteen months ago (or even six months) ’cause that part was over and we’ve transitioned to the next…

Written By: Gary on August 22, 2004 No Comment

So yesterday we got everyone together after Heather’s Ordination. Back at Mom’s (hers) to get everyone together, and I mean everyone. Heather knows people from all over and there were people from everywhere in the state, nearby states and even some really far ones. A few kids running around and a ten-month old baby, LaLa (short for Lavender), that I adopted for the weekend.

Then today she did the service at 8am and 10am (most of us went to the 10) and she was wonderful. Then a dozen of us went out to eat and we started our way home…

Heather is off to Evanston, IL to work for Northwestern as a campus minister. She’ll probably be living no farther than a block or three from where she lived when she went to seminary at Seabury. Evanston is one of my favorite towns, I almost always include it in my visits to Chicago (and I don’t always include Chicago into my Evanston visits). And I can take the train most of the way there!

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