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Written By: Gary on June 17, 2006 No Comment

Some more photos from my trip to Egypt (from April). This is day 5 and has about another 90 photos broken up into a few sub albums. Many of the photos have captions explaining what they are but here’s the gist of it in case you just jump into slideshow mode.

Sunrise breakfast in a village on the Nile.
We took a boat to the West side of the Nile and had breakfast. With then took a little tour of the village where we ate. Wouldn’t it be strange if travelers ate breakfast down the street from your house and then walked around your neighborhood looking around and taking pictures?!?
Valleys of the Kings and Queens.
It was a very very very hot day in the Walley of the King and Queens. We went into a few tombs (no pictures allowed) and looked around, it was incredible! You’ll need to read the posts from April to find out a bit more.
The first day of our cruise on the Nile.
The ship was awesome and it was a great pleasure to arrive on after our long hot day. I’ve got lots of scenery and other things (including pirates and a trip through the locks).

The day five photos are located here.

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