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Written By: Gary on July 12, 2012 One Comment

It really wasn’t that long ago that people didn’t have e-mail. Twenty years ago* Dephi was the first commercial on-line service to offer internet e-mail to it’s customers. I’m not saying some people didn’t have internet e-mail before that, I’m just stating this was a turning point even though it was still a while before other providers offered the same service. A few of you may have had e-mail before then, but if it was a commercial service, it was likely an island (people could only e-mail other subscribers of your service) and some larger universities started rolling it out for students around the same time.

emailAt the time, it was where can I go to check my mail when I’m out of touch. On-line access from other places was an issue. Laptops were expensive and if you had one to take with you, you needed to tie up the phone line to use it. Dial-up was generally the only way to access the internet and if you went somewhere else where you didn’t have access, you couldn’t check your mail. Even if someone had a computer, it didn’t mean they had a modem and even if you brought your own, it didn’t mean they had a phone line near the computer.

Checking your e-mail and other messages is easy these days. You can do it on your phone, your computer, your tablet, our iPod and you can even check it on devices like your Kindle. You can probably do it on the whatever device you’re using to this…

E-Mail for Dummies, Second Edition John R. Levine, Carol Baroudi, Margaret Levine Young, Arnold ReinholdThese days, it’s an issue of how many places do I need to check my messages. E-mail (work, home, old accounts), text messages (home and/or work), Skype messages, Facebook and any other countless services you may have. Plus, every time you buy a device or get a new service someone gives you a new e-mail account (cable company, eBay, cell phone company, iPhone, iPad, smart phone, etc.). Your charge cards, banks, health insurance and more all have their own private messaging system that send you an e-mail to tell you that you have a message on their site, “your fill in the blank company has sent you a message, please log into your account to read it”. Those were just the practical sites, you’ve still got social networks (Facebook, MySpace, Google+, Twitter, FourSquare, etc.), photo sharing sites, YouTube, travel sites, dating sites, technical support sites or some sites related to some hobby you may have; odds are you don’t have all of those, but you probably have some.

Back to e-mail: Finding old e-mail is confusing sometimes. I know someone mentioned a book to me, but where?!? Did they e-mail me? Did they send me a Twitter message? Did they write it as a comment on that Facebook post when I was talking about books a few months ago? Did they mention the book when we were confirming plans for something else unrelated? It’s definitely the information overload age…

We’re more connected. But are we better connected?

This isn’t really the post I started to write, but where I was trying to go is such a big subject, I think it’s going to take multiple posts.

Written By: Gary on January 12, 2009 2 Comments

Spam isn’t anything I generally talk a lot about but this spam showed up a little differently. It’s a old internet scam but with some graphics and updated to try and get you to help them smuggle some money out of Iraq. It’s crazy that people still fall for these…

I am SSG Dewayne Pittman,an active American soldier serving in Iraq.I am serving in the military of the 1st Armored Division in Iraq.We managed to secure funds from the war zone. The total amount is US$ 9 Million dollars in cash.We want to move this money out of this place.

It’s rare I get these kind of scam e-mails but the graphical nature of this one caught my eye so for some reason I’m sharing it with you. And what language are those characters at the top?!?

The next day: I got a much longer more generic version of this too, turns out I only get 30% and him and his buddy get 70%, that’s not even $3 million for me! What a rip off!

Written By: Gary on March 5, 2007 One Comment

Spam Arrest will be featured on ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson tonight (Monday, March 5th, 2007). World News will be discussing the ongoing trademark dispute between Hormel and Spam Arrest over the use of the word “spam”.

Spam Arrest has been defending itself against Hormel for the last 4 years while Hormel has been attempting to cancel the Spam Arrest trademark granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. (more info)

Definitely overstepping their trademark, no confusion between spam “food” and junk mail (IMHO). They should have to shoulder the blame for spam if they want exclusive rights to the name…

Spam Arrest is my favorite way of blocking e-mail spam from home. It’s practially impossible for spammers to get automated junk mail past their filter!

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Written By: Gary on December 21, 2005 No Comment

sad mac iconIt makes me crazy that the OS X Mail application doesn’t let you see who you Blind Carbon Copied (BCC) a message to! I sent it, shouldn’t I be able to go back and check?!? Argh!

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Written By: Gary on November 15, 2005 6 Comments

Don’t forget the Mailblocks service is discontinued tomorrow, November 16th, at Noon. So copy/migrate your mail and don’t forget to get your refund.

The more I play with it, the more I like SpamArrest and a substitute. I’ve mentioned it before and been playing around with it the past few days.

For the refund: You’ll need your mailing address, phone number, birth date, Paypal address (if you paid with one), and your account’s secret question/answer to get the refund. You can get your secret question by logging out and when you log back in it will ask for your birthday (but it means birthdate) and then it will ask you your secret question.

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Written By: Gary on November 15, 2005 No Comment

So I’m looking for a new service to replace a service that I’ve loved, Mailblocks, they’re shutting their doors today (or tomorrow). I want a spam blocking service that uses captchas (I do understand the pros and cons but most importantly I’m aware that it does work and I do check my pending box for real messages). I see there are two other companies out there that look similar, SpamArrest.com and iPermitMail.com. I’d really like to use IMAP for my mail.

Can anyone tell me if they support IMAP? Or can anyone recommend these companies in particular? Or some other companies with similar service? It’s looking like SpamArrest will be my choice but I am looking for options.

(Later) I’ve discovered that SpamArrest uses IMAP (found some info here). But it doesn’t let you see the unverified mail via IMAP (Mailblocks let you see it and you could drag from there to the INBOX and it automatically verified it) this would be really useful. I’d still like to check out others, because I’d really like to be able to do this (it worked really well for me in the past). Even if it wouldn’t auto verify it’d be nice to see it (with IMAP I can pull the mail down and look at it offline and it still keeps a copy on the server.

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Written By: Gary on April 22, 2005 2 Comments

In the first 48 hours the new Pope received 56,191 e-mails! Almost half of those were in English. His address is benedictxvi@vatican.va (don’t send spam or you’ll go to hell!).

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Written By: Gary on August 10, 2004 No Comment

Something has had been up with my e-mail the last few (Friday, Aug 6th-Tuesday, Aug 10th) days. If you sent anything important the last few days (or even not important) please resend it if you haven’t gotten a response (or at least don’t complain).

Technical support makes me crazy sometimes… If they read the problem the first time it’d really help solve the issue. I list the ten things I know they’ll ask, I bold the bizzaro answers that should point them in the right direction and I feel like they turn around and ask me to try the ten things I already told them the results.

Written By: Gary on June 11, 2004 7 Comments

It looks like You’ve Got Post is giving away free accounts with more storage than gMail. My account with just a few small messages says I have 976 GB of storage. No promises but that’s what it looks like. If nothing else it it’s another account where you can still get a “good” e-mail address.

NOTE: This post is from months ago and if the link doesn’t work they probably don’t exist anymore (it worked when I posted it). I have no affiliation with the site. There is nothing I can do to fix the link…

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