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Written By: Gary on August 3, 2009 4 Comments

I’ve been having some odd dreams lately, I wish I’d been writing them down. Since my mind is blank from the ones from a few days ago. They weren’t all as strange as this one but this is the only one I can remember.

In this dream I’m staying with Heather or her father but it wasn’t a place I recognized. I don’t even want to say it was in MIchigan, but where ever I was, Dave (also known as Dave2) from Blogography was in the area and I was hanging around with him.

Dave and I are driving down a divided highway, Heather didn’t come but she’s always busy with stuff so not coming didn’t seem so odd at the time (even though she was passing up a chance to meet Dave), I’m not sure where we’re headed (the Apple store? a blogger meet-up?) but I’m pretty sure we’re not in Atlanta. Then all of a sudden some car is flipping over and I grab the wheel to swerve us out of the way (you’re welcome, Dave) and while we can’t see what’s going on, it’s like traffic is blocked by the authorities ahead of us. But we don’t really see them, so we don’t know what’s up. Dave turns us around and heads down the shoulder back to some country road that we had just passed. But we once we get there we can see traffic is halted down the side roads too.

I get out of the car to see if I can get closer to see what’s up, there were flashers so something is going on. It’s like “they” were there to block off the road before there was even an accident. As I’m cutting across a strip of field to see what’s going on, something clears up and the cars start moving and I lose Dave. Then I’m moving very fast as I’m alternating between busy roads and empty roads as I try to catch back up…

And that’s about it. I’m not sure why it ended, I didn’t feel like I woke up from the dream. Maybe it really happened and “they” wiped my mind after and they just didn’t go back far enough!

I didn’t feel so much chased as I felt in a rush or something like that. Still feel a little anxious as I think about it. Something was going on. Something conspiracy-ish.

But that’s all I have for this story, it’s been running through my head today so I thought I’d share…

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Written By: Gary on October 22, 2005 One Comment

So this week I’ve had a few weird dreams. I generally don’t recall a lot of dreams but I think with the extra sleep and the trying to get back to sleep (and the medicine) has increased the dreams and/or the recollection.

  • Lots of snow and ice, I actually thought when I woke up that we’ve been having snow.
  • I kept seeing a sheet of photos, like you’d get in elementary school (from picture day), with one of my high school friend’s photo on it, he looks younger so it’s possible it’s his younger brother but since it’s a dream and I think it’s him, I’m assuming it is. The thing is, I didn’t meet him until high school.
  • I saw this big fire truck puzzle on sale and I thought a friend’s son might like it. So in the dream he’s playing with it. Really engaged with it and I think he was talking a lot (it’s hard to get him to talk). I suppose I should see if I can still buy it for him.

    I didn’t have any dreams about the weird, but excellent, movie I saw last week, I’ll review that later (really!) but since it’s all surreal and dream-like I’m surprised.

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