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Written By: Gary on September 2, 2005 5 Comments

Yahoo! is still offering domain name registration for only $2 $4.98. I thought this was a one day only deal so if you didn’t get it when I mentioned it yesterday. So if you’ve ever wanted to be http://www.yournamehere.com/, now’s the time!!!

UPDATE: Sorry, The price just went up to $4.98.

Even if you aren’t going to use it this month/year. This 5 year registration is cheaper than a 2 year registration at most places and this stops someone else from getting it instead of you. So even if you’re not going to use it for 3 years, you’re still ahead of the game.

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Written By: Gary on September 1, 2005 2 Comments

Yahoo! is offering domain name registration for only $2.00 for today only. It looks like you can register it for up to 5 years! This is an incredible deal, most offers like this do not allow you to register for more than one year! This is SO cheap for this type of thing, it’s basically free. Ten years ago registrations were $50 a year (minimum two year registration).

I’m now the proud owner of 5 more domains… :)

Later: Looks like the price went up, it’s $9.95 normally, but this link generally is $4.95)

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