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Written By: Gary on September 27, 2007 121 Comments

So you have to spend 47 consecutive days and nights living at the hospital in your own room but it does pay you $9557. I thought it might be interesting, especially if out of a job (or really bored). But here’s the downside:

You will not know what time it is during the 47-day study, and the room has no windows, clocks, TV, and you will not be allowed to bring devices that tell time. You will also not have access to a telephone during the 47-day study.

Holy cow! I think it’s really a suicide study. Or some kind of reality TV show. I’ve got to assume that means no ‘net access either!!!

You will be told when to go to sleep and when to wake up, when to shower, and when to eat your meals. You will also have to take performance tests on a computer in your room many times each day. In between these study activities you will have free time, but your free time will be interrupted frequently.

Actually, it does say “at no time are you being recorded on video or audiotape” so I guess it’s not a reality show. All the info is in the SlickDeals post if you’re interested…

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