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Written By: Gary on August 12, 2010 No Comment

Just had the best dessert at Applebee’s for only one dollar! A tiny warm brownie with a small scoop of ice cream. It was delicious!!! And did I say it was only $1?


Not the best photo, but the flash was too bright and it was kinda dim (this photo) without it, it was even better than it looked!

I guess they’ve only been doing this Brownie Bites deal until 4 PM, but they (at least the Allen Park Applebee’s) is extending it.

They had Long Island Iced Tea’s for $4 and I got a huge amount of shrimp and fries for $11 with it. Yum!

Everything was great there (thanks Tiffany!) except there were at least 5 feet of receipts printed off for my purchase (I paid with credit and finished off a gift card) which was a little insane….

Written By: Gary on June 8, 2008 2 Comments

london04-707So for the Waffle Toffee Crunch score: We were there eight days (Saturday to Saturday) and I was able to have a Waffle Toffee Crunch dessert seven of the eight days! They only day I didn’t succeed was the day we left for Cardiff. In my defense we were on the way to the train station before Garfunkel’s opened and they didn’t appear to have any in Cardiff (they few people I asked didn’t even know what Garfunkel’s was).

So I consider the dessert portion of the vacation as much of a success as possible :)

Written By: Gary on June 3, 2008 No Comment

london04-707At this point I managed to get my dessert four days in a row!

Warm Belgian waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and laced with toffee crunch pieces.

Garfunkel’s Menu

I wonder if they have Garfunkel’s in Wales? I’d hate to blow my streak…

Written By: Gary on July 25, 2004 No Comment

Went back to Garfunkle’s for another Waffle Toffee Crunch Sundae — london04-707warm Belgian waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and laced with toffee crunch pieces. It was our third visit so far. They’re great!

While we were at Garfunkle’s we met a group of Girl Scouts from all over the US, there were ten from as many different states, most hadn’t met before a few days ago. None from Michigan… (Update, a friend just told me he knew a Michigan girl scout heading over for the same thing, but not the group we say). They were heading up to some Jamboree in Scotland. They were pretty entertaining explaining the whole thing and telling us about their day and getting the deluxe visit they got at the at the changing of the guard.

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