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Dearborn is where I live in Michigan, just west of Detroit.

Written By: Gary on October 17, 2005 One Comment

So I usually don’t do this, I went a bit out of my way to save money on gasoline. I’ll usually just pay attention so y path takes me by the cheap places but this one place at Evergreen and Schoocraft has been really cheap lately so I drove out of my way to get it. Due to construction it was way out of my way.

It was two gas stations across the street from each other both with a line, but only $2.33 a gallon! So I got in line waited about five minutes (that’s five minutes longer than normal for me) and I saw my chance. I squeezed through two cars and I got the heck out of there! I’ll hit one of the places without a long line later…

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Written By: Gary on October 8, 2005 3 Comments

Michigan trip october 2005So I drove 695.9 miles round trip for my travels up north. I’m a really slow traveler though, I stop every so often to shop/look/snack. The 280 mile trip up there took me about 350 miles and 28 hours to do it. Like I said I really like to take my time. You can see on the map (click to enlarge) my zig-zaggedy path (in red on the map). I went Dearborn to Sterling Heights (stopped to say HI to my Mom at work), to Troy (the Apple Store at the Somerset Collection), to Birch Run (the outlet mall) to a hotel near Cadilliac, then to Frankfort (furt?) to bicycle and shop at Gwen Frostic’s then up to Leeland and visit at Jim & Karen’s in Lake Leelanau for a few days. On the way back I went to Traverse City to bike and eat lunch, Mt. Pleasant to have dinner with Dawn and April, East Lansing for Cookie Dough Ice Cream and then back home. Lot’s of other little stops to shop and eat and we ran around a little while I was up there (that might be another post or two).

The weather was gorgeous the whole time I was there, I rode most of the trip with the top down on my car and it was an excellent ride. Night time was the only time it was too cool without a jacket, so I stopped driving (that’s when I stopped for the night). It was a great week to take a some days off to relax! Then I was at work for a nice short week of just Thursday and Friday (long days, but they went quick).

Written By: Gary on September 21, 2005 One Comment

Some of these short little posts about the gas prices just aren’t going to make sense someday when someone looks back at these posts. These days I can just say “$2.38” to someone and it makes sense (they know I’m talking about the gas prices) but if it ever gets reasonable again it won’t be as clear.

FYI, for gas prices I keep an eye on detroitgasprices.com (not more than 24 hours out of date), I don’t rush out when I see a great price but if I’m heading in the direction I’ll get it. It just gives me an idea of if it’s in the $2.40s or $2.70s today. Also, sites like this are more up-to-date when prices are very high (what ever constitutes high that year). GasBuddy.com is the parent site and lists all over the country.

They do charts too!


Yes, I know the charts don’t exactly fit right, click for full size if they look funny. (They do look okay in some browser and some resolutions)

Written By: Gary on September 20, 2005 One Comment

Yes, that’s for a whole gallon!!!

Ann Arbor Trail and Telegraph (Redford/Dearborn Heights, Michigan).

Written By: Gary on September 5, 2005 3 Comments

So I just passed about twenty gasoline stations from Dearborn to Wyandotte and every single one (except one) was $2.99. That’s every station from Michigan and Schaefer/Coolidge to Jefferson/Biddle and Eureka. That’s pretty good from the stories I’m hearing out there. Oh and the one the wasn’t $2.99, it was $2.92! (it was at Biddle and Northline if you’re from around here). I also noticed places like http://www.detroitgasprices.com/ have been keeping their information up-to-date with these higher prices…

Written By: Gary on May 18, 2005 2 Comments

So I’m at the The Little Cafe’ on the Avenue (Dearborn) and in the middle of my table instead of flowers or a candle or something I’ve got goldfish!!! That’s kinda unique…

They have WiFi too! Plus, I didn’t realize that had food too, I thought they just had drinks and desserts, I would have been here way before now…

Written By: Gary on February 19, 2005 No Comment

So it’s another nice Saturday in the Detroit area (Dearborn actually). Lots of sunshine and it’s not too cold either. Got the car washed, went to the library, ran a few errands and got and sandwich at Burger King. I’m posting this at the WiFi BK, their WiFi is semi-screwed up again but I managed to get around it get it to work.

Need to do some organizing around the house but I’ll wait until the sun is shining into that room. Not much of an exciting weekend but it’s nice to relax and get a bit more sleep than usual…

Written By: Gary on September 21, 2004 One Comment

Big article last week in the Free Press on Michigan Bloggers. This was the surprise that Melissa spoke of a few weeks ago.

Personally I read two of those every day, comment occasionally. Have read a few of the others. And now plan to read more regularly…. I mean they are the top 6 in the state….

  • The Snowsuit Effort Ryan Keberly, Royal Oak
  • Anything But Ordinary Melissa Schott, Dearborn
  • Dean’s World Dean Esmay, Westland
  • Notes From the Cave Frank McPherson, West Bloomfield
  • Ypsi Dixit* Laura Siebrig Boessenkool Bien, Ypsilanti
  • Locking Thru to the Bahamas Larry and Sharon Duhaime, Harrison Township

    * They posted the incorrect address for Ypsi Dixit. It’s http://ypsidixit.diaryland.com, the WWW (which depreciated) doesn’t word at diaryland.
    FYI – Always test your web addresses (and phone numbers) before sending to friends (or a million newspaper readers). Especially test after letting someone edit them…

    FYI 2– It’s generally better to remove index/default.asp,html,htm, stm, php at the end of the web address (fter testing it!), and here’s why, if they change servers or software (or whatever) they may have to change, but without the extra text they generally/almost always work.

  • Written By: Gary on August 31, 2004 One Comment

    I was just writing something, it said, “I’ve been back in the Detroit area (Dearborn) for around six years now.” and then I realized it was exactly six years today that I started working back this side of Michigan (I had been in the Lansing area for eleven years). I can’t believe it’s been that long. A few homes, a few relationships (broken hearts) and a few jobs later I’m still around here.

    My (only) complaint(s) – still single and childless. (I thought that was going to turn into a long list of complaints, but I guess that’s all I’m really missing.) That doesn’t sound too bad but I don’t think was much longer than that when I got here six years ago…

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    Written By: Gary on August 24, 2004 No Comment

    Anyone planning on going to see Liz Phair and Co. on Friday the 27th in the Detroit area? We’re doing Happy Hour at my place (Dearborn) and then we’re heading on over to the concert in Royal Oak. If you want to stop by beforehand (or meet up when you get there) let me know.

    Chicks with Attitude Tour
    Chicks with Attitude Tour 08/27/04 Royal Oak Music Theatre

    Written By: Gary on August 2, 2004 No Comment

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    Written By: Gary on June 7, 2004 No Comment
    1. Most of us pay for hosting our domains in which to blog on – – however, under what circumstances would you shell out hard earned cash so that you can use the blogging platform (i.e. your blogging application). Considering Movable Type’s recent license fees – – would you? If yes, why – – If no, why not?
    For the right tool, I’ll pay! I love Ecto (paid) for managing my blogs off-line and Transmit for FTP/textediting but I need to see if I need to pay for that one (or if I have).
    2. RE: Linkage – – I’ve seen many a trick to increase traffic and ratings in certain ecosystem offerings. For example – a few I’ve seen have one or two domains as a mirror to their main one and register all domains with TTLB – – so every post that you make is mirrored on the ’secondary domain’ – and each post is linked to the ‘primary domain’ which is recorded by the ecosystem as an inbound link….which could, for examle, bring your inbound links from 100 to 400 – depending. Do you have methods you use to ‘trick’ the ecosystem to skew your results to give you a higher rating? Care to share them? What tricks do you use?
    No but I’m making notes… Actually i guess I’m doing something similar (but it’s to keep what little I’ve got, not generate more), I decided to modify my url so I started changing it previously to start moving some traffic and now that I’m using it I’ve slowing been changing the blocks of links (images, archives, main root, etc.) it hopes to have my traffic move with (I just don’t want to disappear from the blogosphere). From your logic maybe I’ll stretch out the process a little longer… I don’t want a higher rating, I want more visitors….
    3. RE: Templates – – show off some of your extra add-ons you’ve been working on with your templates. What’cha been up to, huh? huh?
    My image (as of this post) on the background is a live ariel view of Dearborn, MI (everytime you refresh it’s updated). The colors match the blue and green of the Earth. At dawn and sunset and other times during the day you can see the dividing line between light and dark (it must have a name?). I was doing the moon, but it was tooooo sloooooww.
    4. RE: Other blogs – – Show us some of the newer blogs you’ve linked to recently, in the past week, or so. We all like seeing new blogs and fresh material. Who are they – and why’d ya link ‘em?
    Okay, clearly this is going to be a regular thing and I need to get prepared for it. On my blog I’ve been running a scrolling sidebar (well it might not scroll in all browsers, but it should atlease be there) for “Interesting Recent Sites” (so check it out), I did just change the date format, so it’s not consistent but it’ll be oklay in a day or three (I only keep the last 30 or so). I’ve got a script to grab the URL and title or highlighted text and add the date and ftp it up (it get’s included via PHP).

    From RE: Blogs .

    Written By: Gary on June 1, 2004 No Comment

    New month! New name! New colors! New Background!

    The background is what the Earth looks like at this time above Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

    Written By: Gary on April 18, 2004 7 Comments

    Here’s my 100 things about me page. (If you’re looking for my 101 in 1001 days list go here.) To follow the theme that I’ve found on many other sites, partially to see what I come up with and to let others see what I come up with. I’ve broken this down a bit: I like, I dislike, I am, I’ve live in, I wish I understood more about, places I’ve been and before I die…

    It’s interesting how many of these things I’ve blogged about so far…

    UPDATE: December 2004/June 2005. I just came here to update this. I can’t believe how much it has not changed. The only other things are I’ve been liking my iPod (and listening to podcasting), the Scene It? DVD games and maybe some additional music groups (Katy Rose and maybe a few others) and I won’t add them until they’ve been around a bit longer. Probably “Two and a Half Men” (I laugh SO hard) and Liz Phair (added).

      I like:

    1. Riding on the train
    2. Driving with the top down
    3. The Internet
    4. MSU
    5. Ice cream (Cookie Dough from QD)
    6. Rollerblading
    7. Sunshine
    8. My family
    9. Kids
    10. Babies
    11. Picnics
    12. Coca-Cola
    13. Gadgets and gizmos
    14. Taking pictures
    15. Tori
    16. Sarah
    17. Indigo Girls
    18. Liz Phair
    19. Jewel
    20. 80’s music
    21. _Joan of Arcadia
    22. Sports Night
    23. Roswell
    24. The American President
    25. The Cutting Edge
    26. A Christmas Story
    27. Flight of the Navigator
    28. Narnia
    29. Time Travel
    30. Reading
    31. Movies
    32. Dominoes
    33. Scrabble
    34. Euchre
    35. Sitting by the river
    36. Learning
    37. Volunteering
    38. M & M’s
    39. Smarties (the chocolate kind)
    40. Prizes in Cereal
    41. Soda Pop in a bottle
    42. Fun Size Candy
    43. Macintosh
    44. My i500 Palm Phone
    45. Tivo
    46. WiFi
    47. The Ocean
    48. Maps
    49. Luggage
    50. Books
    51. Ice Skating
    52. Sleeping
    53. Building a fire
    54. The Moon
    55. Stars
    56. Laughing
    57. Holding hands
    58. Crushes
    59. Traveling
    60. Smiles
    61. Showers
    62. Clean sheets
    63. Surprises

      I dislike:

    64. Pickles
    65. Mayo
    66. Mean people
    67. Sauces on my sandwiches
    68. Country
    69. Being stuck at airports
    70. Traffic

      I am:

    71. An only child
    72. Smart
    73. Tall
    74. Curly
    75. Goofy
    76. A night owl
    77. Was born on September 11th

      I’ve lived in:

    78. Royal Oak
    79. Berkley (21 years)
    80. Southfield (a 1/2 year)
    81. East Lansing (7 years)
    82. Haslett (4 years)
    83. Southgate (1 year)
    84. Dearborn (4 years)

      I wish I understood more about:

    85. Astronomy
    86. Women
    87. Art

      Places I’ve been:

    88. United States (all over)
    89. Canada (Toronto 5 times; all over several)
    90. England (3 times)
    91. Prague
    92. Costa Rica (2 times)

      Before I die I want to:

    93. Have kids
    94. See Paris
    95. Take a cruise across the ocean
    96. Find out what is out there
    97. See the pyramids
    98. Write a computer book
    99. Live happily ever after
    100. Find out “Why?”
    Written By: Gary on April 11, 2004 One Comment

    It was a blast today, I had everyone over for Easter Dinner. Seven households from one to four people in each, fifteen total, four were kids. They were a blast and they liked all my computerized toys and remotes and such.easter04

    After we ate, I took the kids down the street by city hall and they went nutty with me taking pictures. What a bunch of hams. Speaking of… we had a really good ham from the Dearborn Meat Company (or something like that).

    No incidents, no broken bones, scrapes, fights, etc. Until they were leaving and one of the kids had a cup (with a lid and straw) of milk and dropped it down the stairs. I had splash marks 6 feet up the walls! My ‘little green machine’ wasn’t enough to have it, I dug out the rug shampoo machine I bought a few months back (but never used) and clean the stairs (and the walls) that probably needed it anyways. Can’t complain too much, last time they were over I accidentally rolled Kendall’s head up in the electric window in the car. I still feel pretty bad about that one.

    Written By: Gary on March 20, 2004 No Comment

    So I’m getting a snack at BK and some sun, I’ve got a spot I like where the sun shines in the window. And a bunch of little girls who are celebrating a birthday came in. I’m not sure how many of them were the Mom’s that was with them but they were a handful. They sure ate a lot too. Mom kept threatening them with no ice cream if they didn’t shape up! It’s pretty much a disaster where they were although it’s the spot that faces the televisions (closed captioned) so all the kids always want to sit there.

    They just redid our BK in Dearborn and now it has WiFi. Isn’t technology great!

    I tried the new checken tender sandwich (lettuce, tomato and no mayo), it’s better than the old one but Wendy’s spicy is way better. Oh, and I won free french fries too!

    Written By: Gary on January 24, 2004 No Comment

    After a lonnnng week, Friday finally came. But I guess with busy weeks can come busy weekends. The snow made things seem just a little bit crazier…

    First was Happy Hour at our regular place, they were busy so we didn’t get one of our regular spots but we managed anyways, pizza, chicken, some taco thingies and our beverage of choice.

    Then we traveled through the snow to Detroit to see an art opening by one of the teachers at work. It was a lot of fun and it’s always interesting to see coworkers in a different environment. You get to see them not in “work mode”, see the kinds of people they date and it’s always extra interesting if they had a few stops themselves before arriving.

    Then we were off to Ann Arbor to see a band, actually another teacher from an old district, called L’usa. They’re a great band and they play a little bit of the top tunes from now to the 50’s. We hadn’t seen them for a while so we did the extra long trip, usually they play a little bit closer to the Dearborn area.

    It was a lot of fun but a long night to top off the week, I really got to catch up on some sleep, I slept over 12 hours. It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to do that. I’ll have to try and get some work around the house done tomorrow…

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    Written By: Gary on December 26, 2003 No Comment

    I’m off to see friends (Heather, Nan and the rest of the Allegan crew and whomever is visiting) and I’m on the train from Dearborn to K’zoo and I’m loving it. It’s so easy and you get the landscape (if you can call it that) floating by the window and I can blog/read/computer/etc. It’s pretty full (and left a little late) and I’m sitting next to this really quiet woman (reading Steven King) with my coke, my blog and I’m ready to watch a movie or something…

    The Dearborn train station is a mile from my house and has free parking that’s right next to the police station which makes this extra convenient for me!

    Written By: Gary on December 20, 2003 No Comment

    So I forgot all about fireworks the other day when I was talking about looking into the light!

    Why do I bring up fireworks when it isn’t July?!? Because I took a nap today and work up to the sound of fireworks and when I opened the blinds I could see a pretty good display. They sounded pretty close but I think the city of Dearborn must have been putting them on (which would be about a mile away). By the way if I didn’t mention it, I love fireworks! But then who doesn’t! (I believe this was an event at Greenfield Village)

    And I got to see Joan of Arcadia today!

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