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Written By: Gary on January 4, 2008 One Comment

There’s hope for me yet!!!!

Tango magazine on-line has a fun article on why dating nerdy guys is actually a good thing….

Two of the points made me laugh since they apply to me:

  • It’s just that a geek’s approach to life tends to be if-x-then-y.
  • They don’t get hints.
  • Written By: Gary on February 2, 2007 One Comment

    So while I’ve done my share of dating (friend set ups, personal ads, on-line, etc.) my blog has never factored into dating. I don’t really mention dating on-line and I generally don’t mention blogging to people I’m dating. But when you look at some of the stats from QuantCast and the make up of what they think my readership is you’d think I might have gotten a date (or two) due to that last 3+ years of blogging or at least a little more flirting…


    Now these are stats probably mostly guesstimated from where people are geographically. And since my blog is definitely not a he-man’s sports/gambling/you-get-my-point blog they probably are semi-accurate. Although the Asian stats have to be off (maybe spammers?) since I don’t get any comments that make me think that guesstimate might be accurate.

    It’s just an observation, and some silly points to bring up the fact the the stats here are interesting in the way they present them. You can get a bit on your blog by just putting your site in the search box. Some sites seem to have more information than others, I’m not sure why but it must get some info from other sites.I did put the QuantCast tracker on my site a week ago so the daily stats are probably semi-correct on the web visitors, but I’m not sure how many users use blockers that might stop that tracking, but I’m sure it doesn’t compensate for RSS readers and stuff like that.

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    Written By: Gary on November 22, 2004 No Comment

    So it’s been a little busy lately. But too busy for blogging…? Here’s a quick update.

  • rearranging my living room some, trying to make some more room for watching the “tube”.
  • above rearranging should help with room for holiday decorating (i.e. tree).
  • if it actually snows this this week that’ll motivate with the tree.
  • finished three (yes 3) of the books I’ve been concurrently reading (Moneyball, A shortcut Through Time and _____). I’ll do some reviews later (yeah, right).
  • I found my misplaced copy of Cooking To Hook Up, which I should read. Coincidentally, the week after Thanksgiving has traditionally been a good dating week for me, so I should probably start studying… Don’t ask me why I remember this but I’ve noticed it more than once.
  • I got another 2,500 songs loaded up on my iPod. The hard part is now figuring out what parts of my collection is not on there.
  • Saw the Incredibles, very fun. I will review this soon…
  • Written By: Gary on October 9, 2004 2 Comments

    So stumbling around the ‘net Misty was talking about what kind of girl she was (and so were a few other sites) and as a result I found info on a book for guys on cooking for more effective dating (called Cooking to Hook Up), what really caught my eye (and maybe that was the point) was the different archetypes that they break the women up into. I didn’t just get this from reviews, I found their site (and they is/are a divorced couple who still seem to get along. For a short quiz as part of marketing for a cookbook this has grown into a pretty busy meme.

    Cooking to Hook Up: The Bachelor's Date-Night Cookbook (Cookbooks) Drew Campbell, Ann Marie Michaels

    I compiled the information on some of the ones I’ve dated most often below (well, these are the ones I found the funniest). They’ve got information on each of the types and artist’s renditions (below). You may want to view the individual entry to see the table better.

    From Cooking To Hook Up – The Bachelor’s Date-Night Cookbook

    an ACADEMIC GIRL who can kick your ass in Scrabble…
    in Latin
    a GRANOLA GIRL who has solar panels on her roof and
    Birkenstocks on her feet?
    an INDIE GIRL who collects Japanese candy wrappers
    and lawn gnomes?
    a PROGRESSIVE GIRL who wants an SUV, but feels
    bad about it?
    She drives: a Volvo, a Saab, or a Toyota. a VW bus, a bicycle, or an electric car, or uses
    public transportation.
    a classic car, a VW beetle, a Mini Cooper, or a Vespa scooter. a small SUV but really wishes it got better mileage;
    once she can get a good hybrid, she will.
    She can talk for more than ten minutes
    her thesis. hemp. obscure pop culture. just about anything.
    She begins her sentences with: “Noam Chomsky says …” “Ralph Nader says …” “It’s like that Simpsons episode . . .” “Susan Sarandon says…”
    She’d never: read Cosmo. vote Republican. drive a mini-van. pass up the chance for a new experience.
    She owns any of the following: an Oxford English Dictionary, any book written in a
    “dead” language (Greek, Latin, Aramaic, etc.), a lifetime
    membership to Mensa.
    a smudge stick, a tongue scraper, a compost bin, Dr.
    Bronner’s soap (bulk size).
    TiVo, a mini-DV camera, an iPod, a pottery wheel, a serger, or a lava lamp. a water filter, a tabletop fountain, an acre of rain
    forest, a mutt from the pound.
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    Written By: Gary on September 28, 2004 One Comment
    1. How many people have you dated that were not naturalised citizens of your country?
    I can only think of three. But I didn’t ask for papers…
    2. Have you ever dated someone that was not of your race? How did that work out?
    No problems due to that (just the usual problems).

    3. How many different countries have you visited?
    Five (Costa Rica, England, Prague, Austria, Canada)
    4. If you could go to a specific country of your choice … no expenses spared … where would go visit, and why?
    I hear good things about Australia but maybe something more exotic like Antarctica.
    5. What is your favourite international flavour?
    Chinese/Thai and Italian.
    6. I love French and Indian movies. What other countries’ movies do you enjoy?
    If they aren’t in english, how am I supposed to know?
    7. How many other languages do you speak besides your native language?
    None and I wish I was better at the current one :)
    8. Do you have international friends, and what countries do they come from?
    Not really.
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