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Written By: Gary on October 1, 2007 No Comment

So Apple and iTunes added these myTunes “widgets” you can add to your web site or MySpace page or whatever. This isn’t new news (2 months old?), it’s just that I never got around to trying them. Here’s the thing, the options are limited, they don’t show the album artwork unless you click on something and it’s not very configurable. You have to activate it on-line through the iTunes store, so someone can’t just track your music history by adding a widget with your ID in on to a web site and then create the widget. That’s nice from a privacy stand point, although I’m generally not too picky about my privacy.

On the whole lack of configuration: it’s got a few options 3 sizes and a few color options, but still limited. One thing that bugs me is that the “My iTunes Favorites” widget it lists people that I’ve bought just one song, that’s not a “favorite”, heck it could be only one song because I hated them! Actually most cases seem to be from a compilation album, (possibly) a free song, or I bought a song for my Mom or something, either way I should be able to set a minimum limit before they list it (or something like that). Maybe it would be more reflective if I’ve spent more money on albums (and less on songs).

It seems a little slow for just moving text around too. I don’t think I’ll be using it (other than in this post for a sample).

And it someone clicks on my widget and buys a song from iTunes, I think I should get a few pennies credit at the iTunes store from them :)

Written By: Gary on March 2, 2007 No Comment

So every so often I see my site from a computer with a lower screen resolution and the center columns is just way too skinny especially if there are images. So I’ve done some alterations to the main page if you have a screen resolution of 1,000 pixels across (or less) I feed you a different CSS file that pushes the right column off the right of the screen so if you want to see it you’ll have to scroll to the right (I’m thinking the better viewing will make it worth it). JavaScript will have to be enabled for this to work.

Please let me know if this works better for the lower resolution people (and look the same for the rest of you). I’ll probably move some items from the right to the left if this works out and I’ll do it to more pages on the site (especially the individual ones that you can put the comments on).I used this information from the Movable Type Forums to do this. Everything that you need should be there.

FYI – Over 10% of my viewers have screen sizes less than 1,000 pixels wide and another 10% are unknown.

Please give me some feedback on this, I’m only trying to make this better for you…

Written By: Gary on May 26, 2005 No Comment

Here’s a great CSS cheat sheet from ilovejackdaniels .

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Written By: Gary on March 5, 2005 No Comment

I’ve removed the psychedelic background and I’ve also softened up the colors a little.

I will be totally rearranging the background to something more themed (as I usually have) but I just haven’t had the time and probably won’t for a few more days…

Written By: Gary on December 18, 2004 One Comment

So it’s been a year (and FYI this is my 500th post!) and I’ll ramble a bit about blogging itself. This is a great and easy medium to get thoughts and information and stuff on-line and out to people. I really enjoy it, if you haven’t done it you need to try it it’s really easy. Typepad offers free trials and Blogger offers free blogging in a really easy way.


  • It’s so easy to do!
  • Talking and thinking about other things (semi)coherently makes me think about them and about life.
  • Finding out that other people actually read this :)
  • Finding that others link to this blog :)
  • It’s very interesting that people that I have no idea what we might have in common read/link here.
  • Comments!!! It’s really interesting to see what some people comment on and what they don’t…


  • CSS – What actually makes the page appear the way it works. It’s not 100% consistent from web browser to web browser.
  • IE – Nothing ever looks consistent in Internet Explorer (on either platform) as it does in other browsers.
  • Feeling the need to post because the blog is getting stale (and readers might not come back). I’m only a little concerned when it gets old, I bring it up since so many other bloggers seems to get stressed about it or even quit because of it.
  • Comment spam! Which (thankfully) I don’t get too much of.

    I was really hoping to do something a little more meaningful for my 500th post but I haven’t gotten around to it and I haven’t posted other things since I wanted to do the “meaningful thing” so this is all you get for now (and I can do some more normal posts now). I’ll try to offer some more meaning as the calendar year comes to a close.

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    Written By: Gary on November 14, 2004 3 Comments

    So I’ve never been able to figure out this website design problem, and evey few months it starts to bother me. My blog is supposed to look like this but it looks like this. You can see it only goofs up where the date book (style dayday)

    Generally it looks good except in IE (mac/win) and then the columns look funny. I can tweak it (add a position:relative tag to the white box [blogbody] with the border) and make the columns look more even, BUT then I lose 95% of the images in Windows IE (it doesn’t seem to be consistent to if they have link tags or not). And whenever I start I’m always having to start messing with the z-indexes which never seem to help….

    If you’re not sure, this is a plea for help!!!

    I got motivated on this because SimpleBits refereed to this page which I thought might be relevant but it wasn’t (so far).

    So maybe this just should be IE hell for the title…

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    Written By: Gary on May 27, 2004 No Comment

    I was looking for a (regular) calendar and I found this.

    Written By: Gary on May 23, 2004 No Comment

    I’ve been using Camino for about five minutes now and I really like it. It’s zippy and it renders all my (personal) sites that I had to tweak the CSS for just fine. Safari has been slow and crashing for me lately…

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    Written By: Gary on February 22, 2004 No Comment

    So I’ve been messing around with changing the CSS (background) for this blog. There should now be some space between each of the 3 boxes that make up the screen. That’s not all I was trying to do but CSS is such a pain. I’d get it working and then check it out on six different browsers on three different platforms (OS X, Windows and Linux) and it always looked funny on one of them (generally IE on Mac or Win).

    So if it doesn’t look very good, please let me know…

    If anyone geeky out there can tell me why I shouldn’t switch to tables for this instead of CSS columns, please let me know. It seems like with tables I’d just have two boxes and the browser would keep everything even and wrap nicely…

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    Written By: Gary on February 4, 2004 One Comment

    I noticed some formatting problems on my blog today. It was hard to read on some Windows browsers. The text on the left flowed under the text on the right. I’m still working how to fix it. I messed with the CSS for a bit and now it looks okay in most browsers but in some the left side isn’t very wide. The important part is that it’s readable. I’ll be playing with it to see if I can get it working a little better, but CSS isn’t really my thing so…

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    Written By: Gary on January 9, 2004 No Comment

    Remember when I mentioned Kung-Log a while back? Well, now the first public beta of Ecto is out.

    Us poor Mac people don’t even have the formatting toolbar when editing our Movable Type. But now we (and other brand bloggers) have this excellent editor for OS X! Create thumbnails, edit different blogs, easily use categories, post drafts, customize your own HTML commands, save drafts on the hard drive (if not on-line) and edit (yes, I said edit) previous posts and it has a spell check. It’s really great if you like to blog. It’ll even use your CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) to show you the previews!

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