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Written By: Gary on August 23, 2005 No Comment

So I really wish I could have been in the room when someone was making the pitches for new television shows. You know, there must have been some new CIS shows, some other cop shows, something new from J.J. Abrams, probably some new Star Trek series and who knows what else. Then someone says ‘Hey! Let’s do a reality-mentory and we’ll call it Tommy Lee Goes to College‘ and then all the network folk stood up and applauded and said go for it.

Personally, I really miss college and I didn’t get what the show was about so I tried a few minutes of it. I’m sure the university (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) gets a few more applicants after this (I’m serious), it’s free PR and while it’s goofy PR it’s not bad PR. Tommy jumps between being (acting) actually serious about this to being a total screw up. He’s not really a memorize 125 different plants kind of guy. He does like studying his tutor’s chemistry chemistry with his tutor.

In the credits it says something like: while Tommy attended classes, he was not actually enrolled in classes and some scenes were actually produced for comedy.

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Written By: Gary on December 31, 2004 2 Comments

Now this looks like a cool place to go to college!
Fsu Joke Map

Stolen Borrowed from Costa at Population Statistic who has more information on the how and why of this map.

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