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Written By: Gary on March 18, 2010 No Comment

I’ve really been cleaning and getting rid of things lately. Last week I easily had double the average, but this week I’ve outdone myself. How much? Enough to where I thought I should take a picture of it!!!


The stuff on the left is recycling, the stuff on the right is trash. The box in the very middle is some book-type stuff that I’m not sure if it’s recyclable so I’ll let them figure it out. I’ve also got some boxes of books and stuff to take to the Salvation Army or somewhere too.

My neighbors are probably wondering why I’m doing flash photography outside at midnight..?

The inside it still a bit of a disaster, I’ve got to get that picked up since my mother is stopping by tomorrow today…

Written By: Gary on April 10, 2006 3 Comments

My favorite sports-coat, a pocket, a permanent marker and a loose cap. Of course you realize there isn’t a good ending to the story…

Anyone have any Sharpie cleaning instructions?!?

There was a dress shirt involved too. But it’s much harder for me to find a jacket (any kind) that I actually like…

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Written By: Gary on October 30, 2005 One Comment

So people were coming over for dinner yesterday and I was cleaning. It wasn’t actually cleaning, the place was clean but I had piles of junk that really didn’t need to out in the open, some were people who aren’t around very often and a few who had never been over so I thought I could make a slightly better impression. I did throw a bit out but mostly I was just moving things from one spot to another (or just tucking them away in the corner). You’d think with a office (mostly a junk room), a real junk room and a shower I could find spots for all this stuff.

Yes, I said a shower. The full shower on the main floor is filed with various gear, boxes, rug shampooer and who knows what else (it’s not like I need more than one shower and then I only have to clean one). I keep the curtain closed so most people don’t notice but once in a while someone asks me for something and a go in the bathroom and come out with it (“it” could be a stereo receiver, a power strip or computer printer).

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Written By: Gary on June 2, 2004 One Comment

The phone rings. You’ve got unexpected company coming over in an hour! Look around your house. Is it company-ready? What can you do in an hour to get it up to the level that would make you comfortable? Pickup newspapers, magazines and dirty dishes. Close (shove) the laundry room door shut. Clean the mail (etc.) off the dining room table. Get the junk off the bathroom counter and I’m done (enough).

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