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Written By: Gary on October 29, 2006 No Comment

So I go into church this morning (the extra hour sleep helped!) and sit in my usual area, this is generally on the left since when my neck hurts it’s hard to look to the left so looking to the right is fine, so out of habit I’ve learned to sit on the left (it was fine today).

After I sat down I realized it was nice and bright with the sun shining in the window on the right side so I moved over to the other side so I was in the light. Then as other people sat down they didn’t like the light so they closed the shutters. Now they didn’t even need to move to the left side of the church, they just needed to go up or back a row since the windows were limited. Fortunately, of the half dozen windows, the only one that did not get closed was the one I was by (did I tell you I have mind powers lately?).

But I’ve seen similar behavior in this same church before. On a hot day they had some fans set up (you know, the ones that are atop a pole) and people would sit in front of the fans and then it would be too cool or windy or something for them and they would turn the fans off instead off moving! Thus interrupting the air flow to the rest of us…

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Written By: Gary on February 12, 2006 2 Comments

So I don’t consistently or the same place. Especially since it means I have to get up on Sunday early to go to the place I like best. Besides, I don’t like my organized religion too organized.

So we’re reading one of the the prayers out loud and there is a page turn in the middle of it. It’s something they print up with the hymns and readings of the day and a few things just happened to paginate badly. So I read it real quick to see if there are any differences (different churches use different versions) so I don’t actually have to turn the page in the middle of it and draw attention to myself. It’s one of those things everyone should know and I was just checking for variations and I’ve already set my booklet down. So we get to the part where it splits and I practically jump as everyone turns the page, it sounds like a flock of damn birds just took off.

It just struck me as pretty funny at the time. Although my writing here doesn’t really convey how humorous it was then.

I was starving towards the end of the service, I didn’t have time for breakfast since I was in a hurry to go. Now I’m at the goldfish cafe eating waffles right now. Yum!

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Written By: Gary on February 27, 2005 No Comment

If time and space are (sort of) the same thing, why can’t I just drive back a half-hour to get to church at ten (instead of ten-thirty)? I really really thought service was at ten-thirty…

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