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Written By: Gary on December 18, 2007 No Comment

I’m SO far behind for the holidays. All my family get togethers start this Friday and I’m just not ready. I guess I’ll have to worry about it for another few days and I’ll either be caught up or I won’t!

I think a vacation day on Thursday will help me get the job done…

Written By: Gary on November 1, 2004 2 Comments
There are only 55 shopping days left until Christmas! How does that make you feel? Do you shop on-line or in the stores? Do you try to get it all done early or are you a last minute shopper? Do you have a Christmas Club? Is the holiday season stressful for you or do you enjoy it? Describe any emotions or feelings you tend to have during this time of the year! For some, the holidays are a difficult time! For some, it is a joyous time! Tell us how you handle this time of the year.
I can’t believe it’s November already! I’ve already got some (very little) shopping done, a few books or kids things that I’ve seen on sale. Most will be done early, the rest will be last minute (mostly the people I just couldn’t find the “right thing” for and at that point I now “need it”. What’s a “Christmas Club?” It’s a little stressful for the required celebrations. It would be a lot more fun if I was dating someone.

From Brainstorm.

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