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Written By: Gary on April 24, 2005 No Comment

So I really like Ashton Kutcher when he’s not being goofy Ashton Kutcher, I like it when he’s normal Ashton Kutcher. Amanda Peet and AK were great in this movie. They kept meeting under different circumstances something always from being a couple. It’s interesting how they start in the past and work their way into the present. The soundtrack follows along with the time and very timely in the present they play Anna Nalick (who’s excellent album came out this week). A lot like love is both very sweet and very cute (both the movie and Amanda). So score some points and drag your girlfriend out to the movie or get your boyfriend to take you (it’s not such a chick flick that he’ll spend too much time complaining about it).

Written By: Gary on April 6, 2004 No Comment
  1. What are the last two movies you saw? Butterfly Effect (excellent!). Paycheck (pretty good).
  2. What are the last two TV shows you saw? Keen Eddie (always fun). West Wing rerun (always good).
  3. What are the last two items you purchased? A computer projector to use as a TV (still debating if I like it). Some new tennis shoes.
  4. What are the last two beverages you drank? Water and OJ.
  5. What are the last two sites you surfed (before coming here)? Heck, I don’t know I went to the Movable Type page and was checking out the new posts somehow found a link to the TT…

From Tuesday Twosome.

Written By: Gary on April 4, 2004 No Comment

I wish I hadn’t gone to see this. I wish I had waited for the DVD. Why? buterflyeffect Because if I had waited for the DVD I could replay the few scenes I had questions about over and over again. And more importantly I could see the deleted scenes; I’m certain there are at least two and they would answer my other few questions. Why? Becuase the movie takes care of all the little details and I’m sure they didn’t forget these few, I figure they were editied out and I have to know the rest because I enjoyed this movie so much. BUT it’s not even out on DVD yet! This was a great flick.

You need to understand two things: Chaos Theory and Time Travel (both relativly simple concepts, not).

  1. Time travel – If you travel into the past don’t interfere with anything you may screw up the future. I.E. don’t go to watch your parents meet for the first time since just being there to observe you may do something to influence the outcome. (Almost a Heisenberg/Schroding dilemma which is you will influence the outcome).
  2. Chaos Theory – It is said that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Chicago can create a hurricane in Peking. I.E. If you stop and buy gum on the way to watch your parents meet, it may be the last pack of gum that your mother-to-be can’t buy and now when she meets your dad-to-be she has bad breath and he doesn’t ask her out and you vanish in a puff of smoke.

It’s a great movie, it’s my favorite movie concept, time-travel, and as such it offers many what ifs. The only downside, it was kind of violent and I almost want to say it was in an unnecessary way, but I’m sure that without it, it might have changed how I viewed the movie.

I have to also say I laughed the absolute hardest I’ve ever laughed in a movie in my life. One scene was so ironic it hit me all the way to my funny bone. I hope I used ironic correctly (I think it’s ironic that most people use the word ironic incorrectly, I hope I used it right the third time too).

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