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Written By: Gary on January 14, 2006 3 Comments

So I haven’t felt great this past week. Been sick / fighting being sick (mostly losing). The up side is I’ve been able to think, generally when I’m sick I’m all fuzzy and can’t concentrate and feel blah. With this, it’s the same but less, I’m a little fuzzy but not so much so that I sit on the couch and do the potato thing all day.

Today it was sunny so I ran (drove) up to the library to return a book and went to the cafe for some soup and some WiFi access. It’s the cafe with the goldfish on the table. So I ended up with chili and a Sprite. I’ll post this then head on home and pick up some Thai on the way home…

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On the goldfish: I think they’re down to just a few from when they stated using them (they were on the tables I think at their grand opening). Now that I look around the only one I see is the one on my table…

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