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Written By: Gary on July 17, 2008 2 Comments

Highbiosept19I wish things like biorhythms were more reliable! Why? Check out my biorhythm for September 19th, 2008!!

As a result I think for that weekend:

  • I’ll be playing the lottery,
  • applying for a new job,
  • entering a marathon,
  • competing on some gameshows and
  • asking anyone I have a crush on out for a date (be sure to tell them to say “yes” since it’s abundantly clear I’ll rock their world for the rest of the weekend).

    And I think it’s pretty clear for the few weeks after that I just need to hide out as I begin my downward spiral. I guess that’s the downside of these things…

    This image is from a widget for my Mac desktop. But I just found this web site that calculates the primary and secondary biorhythms.

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