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I love being by the water, preferably an ocean, but any water will do. It doesn’t matter if it’s int he United States, Costa Rica or anywhere…

Written By: Gary on November 29, 2007 One Comment

So if you want to see specifically where I am you can go to the Google Map, that’s my hotel in Jaco, dead center (actually, it looks like it might be before the renovations but that’s it.

If you click the minus sign (“-“) on the scale on the left you can zoom out. After about 4 clicks you can see the whole Jaco Beach coast. After about 5 more clicks you can see the Nicoya Peninsula (where I’ll be heading via water taxi). A few more and you can see the whole country. Another 4 or 5 more and you can see Costa Rica with a good chunk of North and South America. Jaco should stay in (near) the center as you zoom out.

Written By: Gary on November 28, 2007 One Comment

So I ran all over today. I went swimming in the pacific and then packed up my backpack and headed north (actually north west I think). Took all sorts of pictures and a little video.

Map Of Costa Rica JacoAte lunch at a nice place on the beach, the name escapes me for now. Some people sat down at a table next to me and it turns out it was a guy from Traverse City, Michigan! What are the odds? He comes down a few times a year to vacation, seems to really like to eat and stay at that place (although they were booked up). I actually started talking to them because they liked the place they stayed at we chatted for a while.

I swam some more and then rented a scooter (moped). It was a bargain at 6 hours for $25 but they closed in 4 hours and I didn’t want to be responsible for it overnight so I gave him $20 for 4 hours. It was a new scooter too, the temporary plates were just a few days old. I buzzed around all over the area, lots of development going on. Riding is nice and cool compared to walking around :)

I’ve decided to stay another day in Jaco. I’ll leave on Friday for somewhere or another…

I can see I got some sun today. Since I was wearing a backpack for a chunk of the day it looks like I was wearing a bikini top. Hopefully, that’ll even out in a few days!

Weather report – It was cloudy on and off all day, but still very bright and very hot (maybe more humid than hot. That was okay except for when it came time for the sun to set, way too many clouds. RIght now as I’m writing this it’s almost cool, but still way humid. High of 82 for tomorrow!

I’ve got some photos up on-line too.

Image courtesy of the CIA World Fact Book.

Written By: Gary on November 28, 2007 2 Comments

BalcondelmareveningI was SO tired yesterday. I think I managed to sleep at least 10 hours, it might have been more, but I’m sure I went to sleep at least that early. I get confused since I wasn’t sure about the time change and all I kept seeing were my Michigan clocks (it is one hour earlier here than the Detroit Michigan area).

I almost missed breakfast but I get down there a few minutes before they were supposed to close. It’s a beautiful morning nice and sunny and I’m heading down to the beach in a few. This is the view from my hotel room yesterday evening before sunset, it’s a little dark but you can see the Pacific ocean is right there and it’s a great location!

Written By: Gary on July 14, 2007 4 Comments

Click for airplane video if it doesn’t appear below…

Written By: Gary on January 28, 2007 No Comment

Cr Tortuga MapSo almost everyone was giving us mediocre reviews of the volcano this trip, so we decided to skip it. Since we skipped it we were staying in Montezuma for another day and then going back to Jaco.

Staying in Montezuma (Costa Rica) resulted in us taking a tour to Tortuga Island. Every travel group in town seemed to offer a similar tour to this. A trip on the water (hopefully spotting some whales/dolphins) some snorkeling and some time on the beach with with lunch cooked there and then some more (optional) snorkeling and back along the coast. I’m glad we went but the day went by really fast.

Cr Snorkle 2007-01-05 10-59-57.Img 4592The photo with the island (big rock) in the middle is not Tortuga, it’s nearby and it’s where we snorkeled (if you look real close you can see people snorkeling). Now remember where we are, there aren’t real lessons. They hand you some flippers and a mask and a snorkel and off you go! I asked some of the other tourists and got the gist of it but was always afraid of somehow getting a big gulp of water somehow (which never happened). The fish were awesome, different colors and if you stayed still you could be in the middle of a big school of them. Different colored rocks and coral, it was all very cool. Now one some of the people who had gone down to the Caribbean (or other exotic snorkeling places) were a little disappointed but the rest of us were happy.

I also saw some kind of Eel and some kind of Sting Ray. The eel was a squiggly but I’d guess it was about 3-4 feet long and the Sting(?) Ray was probably a little less than 3 feet (from wing tip to wing tip). They were 6-10 feet below me so it’s hard to judge the size.Cr Tortuga 2007-01-05 14-21-56.Img 4605Cr Tortuga 2007-01-05 14-21-51.Img 4603The beach was nice, set up as if you were outside a hotel on the ocean. The rest of the island was a “state park” of sorts (and had admission costs, in hindsight probably pretty cheap) but the day went by so fast, there just wasn’t time for exploring.

And they made us a pretty good grilled lunch too!

All the photos in this post are clickable for larger versions.

Written By: Gary on January 7, 2007 No Comment

sunset jaco costa ricasunset jaco costa ricaOne of my favorie parts of the movie Running Scared (1986), is when Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal (who play Chicago Cops) are in Florida (Key West, I think) and see a bunch of people standing by the pier. They think ‘someone must have found a body’ or ‘a car must have drove off the pier’. As they try to get closer they ask someone ‘what happened?’ and the response is, ‘they’re just watching the sunset’ and the both look at her and say, ‘no, really, what happened?’ and she replies, ‘everyone comes down every night for the sunset’ and they just don’t believe it. But sure enough, it’s just the sunset and they’re hooked they watch it every night get hooked.

That’s what it’s like here in Jaco, Costa Rica, everyone starts showing up on the beach in the evening. Even if they aren’t going to get in the water they just show up to watch. Some show up just a few minutes before, some show up an hour or so. They bring the kids, the babies, the grandparents and just watch it set and the colors fade away…

sunset people jaco costa rica(I’m just paraphrasing the movie, I can’t find the actual quotes, anywhere on-line, but you get the gist of it.)

As usual, click the photos for larger views.

Written By: Gary on January 5, 2007 No Comment

White Monkeywhite monkeySo the hotel we are at (The El Sano Banano in Montezuma, CR) has a sister hotel (Ylang Ylang) down the beach (which you can only get to by walking, but they will transport your luggage) and we’re allowed to use their pool and hammocks, etc. But the main reason we went down is we heard in the afternoon that the monkeys stop by. We got there just in time and I got a variety of photos (many blurry or obscured by trees) and some video.

They would come down and take food from people, they were very cautious but many of them took some. It was funny since as they climbed closer the branches would bend and they’d panic and try to scramble back up. Be sure to notice in the one photo you can see the White Monkey with a baby on it’s back.I’m not really sure if they were called “White Monkeys” or “White-Faced Monkeys”.

FYI – The Ylang Ylang is more resort-ish (pool, hammocks, lounge chairs, massage, yoga, etc.) but it has no Air conditioning…

Written By: Gary on January 4, 2007 No Comment

Img 4271So we’re staying at the The El Sano Banano and we keep adding days to our stay. It’s a great hotel in that it’s located right in the center of Montezuma and it’s got all the necessary requirements for a hotel. It’s got air conditioning which to me is a must and not that many hotels have it (and it’s brand new, so it works very well), private bathrooms/showers, the showers have heat and it’s only about $65 US a night. There’s no internet but I just found out that the Ylang Ylang (the sister hotel) has free WiFi but I just found that out so I haven’t tried it yet.

It’s cute but plain vanilla, just beds and a TV in the room, no chairs and no desk. It’s tiny, only 12 rooms, but many of the places are like that. Free breakfast in the morning, it’s delicious(!), I get Huevos Rancheos, which is eggs and salsa on a tortilla but no frijoles (beans). The dinning rooms shows free movies with dinner; I assume the legality of this is questionable, but I haven’t bothered to quiz them on the legalities of international copyright and are they paying the proper fees (my spanish stinks and no one’s English is that good). But pretty much you’re wandering the streets or beech or at a restaurant or people-watching or on the beach.

I’d definitely recommend this place for the price, location, A/C and the rest of what I’ve mentioned above. The A/C really helps the enjoyability of it, the water pressure could be better (sometimes it’s awesome, but sometimes it’s not working). No one we’ve talked to has air conditioning, but they’re staying at places for half the price but we really like the A/C…

The photo is the view out my window.

Written By: Gary on January 1, 2007 One Comment

Img 3956So it was crazy here on New Year’s Eve. People all over the beach: camping, parked on the sand, surfing, anything you can think of. Way more people than I’ve ever seen and it just got crazy as the night went on. There didn’t seem to be an organized fireworks, just everyone was launching there own from all over the place. It was all totally unsafe. The one (blurry) picture shows people, cars, music and fireworks all on the beach. It was crazy!

Img 3900A lot of the restaurants were closed, having private parties and the rest were full. Some of the bars were totally packed (generally the ones that were normally dead) and one was flowing out into the streets.

We just hung out with the beach madness and watched all the fireworks and (of course) people watched. I went back out later and road the scooter around to see what was going on, but other than a few hot spots, it had died down (a bit) by about one-thirty am. But I could still hear music and fireworks while I was in bed. A lot of people we still on the beach in the morning but it had all cleared out by noon. It looked like great surfing for the people that hung around today though…

I have two photos here and I’ll post more on my Flicker page.

Written By: Gary on December 31, 2006 No Comment

Img 3533Img 3535So we got the Scooters, they pretty much just looked like mopeds. We got there a little late and then the guys weren’t even there! We had have the security give us the number to call from the store next door. We couldn’t tell him to call since for some reason he didn’t seem to understand we wanted the guys from the rental place. Duh?!? And then of course it’s like renting a car, so it takes forever. So we actually didn’t get going until 11…

On the way south we took a trip towards a beach and found a cool hotel right on the ocean. I’ll post more on that later. I’ll be staying there next time (or maybe later this trip).

Img 3537
But we kept heading south and eventually made it to Quepos, it was about 70 km south. It was pretty deserted, we had a Coca-Cola and wandered around a bit, popped into some stores (got nothing) and then we had lunch. It was really really deserted. I’ve been there twice before and and it just seemed to be kinda busy both times. At the same time they were clearing setting up for a New Year’s party in the streets (stage and all). I really wish I had gotten a good photo of some of the rickety bridges we had to drive on. One lane and some pretty big gaps on the driving surface, which was railroad tracks (rails) mounted perpendicular to the way you were driving (yes, I mean the metal railroad tracks/rails, not the big wooden ties.

Then we had the ride home, which was really great except it was getting dark and all we had were sunglasses for eye protection. So that was a little tricky. The bugs didn’t make it any easier. Sometimes they were so thick I wanted to laugh but I didn’t want to open my mouth.

But we made it back. We were very happy to see the city lights verses the darkness of the highway.

Img 3528On the upside. We found a 15% off coupon for the rentals attached to one of the tourista maps. Plus, we were going to return them at night since we didn’t want them out during the festivities but we found a great place to park them. We actually parker them in the hotel where the were still doing some construction. We were happy since they weren’t on the street and they were happy since they had an extra parking spot. Now we can ride them on the first since we’ll have until 11am to return them!

Most of the photos in this post are from Quepos, Costa Rica. I’ll have much more photos later…

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Written By: Gary on August 21, 2006 One Comment

I was tagged by RW to do this meme :)

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
Web Programmer
Computer Trainer
Camp Counselor

Four movies you could watch over and over:

The Flight of the Navigator
The American President

The Cutting Edge
A Christmas Story

Four places you’ve lived:
Berkley, MI
East Lansing, MI
Haslett, MI
Dearborn, MI

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Gray’s Anatomy
Dead Zone
Kyle XY

Four websites you visit daily:
The Daily Meme

Four of your favorite foods:
Hot Wings
Chicken With Pineapple (Chinese)
Beef With Brocolli (Chinese)

Four places you’d rather be:
The Beach
Costa Rica
The Moon

Four albums you can’t live without (for the moment):

Avril Lavign
Under My Skin
Anna Nalick
Wreck of the Day

Tori Amos
Little Earthquakes
Indigo Girls
Strange Fire

I’m stopping at four (2 new & 2 old) but I really couldn’t stick to four…

Written By: Gary on July 1, 2006 No Comment

So after Audra Kubat played last night, she was selling CDs and signing them and stuff. So I went and picked up an older one and got it signed. She’s very sweet and was chatty with people and I found out she plays locally at a place downtown somewhere a few times a month so I’ll be heading down there. I haven’t played the CD yet but I really enjoy the other one that I had. The TasteFest was a lot busier when we left, I bet it gets pretty crazy there over the weekend.

Plus, seeing her completes another one of my 101 in 1001 list items. You know, I just realized I never talked about her other than at the Aimme Mann concert, I put together some info and never posted it so here you go some info, reviews and probably enough mp3s to make your own little sampler CD:

Info at Times Beach Records (including a few MP3s) and here’s a few more MP3s and a video and another mp3 and a few more samples. Here’s some reviews from MetroTimes 1 2 (plus a few more MP3s) 3, VenusZine, Adequacy 1 + 2. Here’s a few more downloads on Audra’s MySpace page.

Written By: Gary on June 4, 2006 No Comment

This was my view at lunch!

Originally uploaded by garylapointe.

So this is what I got to look at while I was sitting on the pier at the beach eating my lunch.

It was a really great view of the city.

It was a pretty good burger too :)

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Written By: Gary on December 30, 2005 One Comment

So the other night I saw they were running The Long Kiss Goodnight so I TiVo’d it. This is an excellent action film with Geena Davis (yes, I said Geena Davis and action film in the same sentence). She’s the school teacher that “private eye” (use that term loosely) Samuel Jackson refers to as “amnesia chick”. Turns out they found her on the beach eight years ago with no memory. A car crash, some strange dreams and a little bit of info dug up by the private eye and we on our way.

It’s a good chase from there to figure out who’s bad and who’s good and who’s really bad. It’s definitely a different movie for Geena so check it out on the late night movies, NetFlix it or (gasp) physically leave the couch and go to the video store. The picture on the cover of the DVD does nothing to promote the film, maybe it’s supposed to look like Lethal Weapon or something.

So this movie makes me think of an old friend from high school, Ken Christensen, I’m not sure if it’s the plot, Geena Davis or both. But this came out after the last time I’ve seen him so I know we never talked about it or saw it, but I can’t get that thought out of my head…

Written By: Gary on May 8, 2005 One Comment

Mom kidMom floridaAnd I just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms and Mother’s to be! There seem to be a be quite a few of you blogging about it.

These photos are (obviously) of my Mom! The one she’s about 10 (I’d guess) and the other (well I won’t say how old she is, but the photo is three years old) is a photo of her in Florida (St. Pete Beach?).

Written By: Gary on April 19, 2005 One Comment
1. Where Do You Visit The Most On Vacation?:
Probably Florida, the Miami (pardon me, the South Beach area) and Ft. Lauderdale area. Haven’t been there in a while but it’s got sun and good roller blading. I’ve probably been to Florida the most especially counting other locations. I’ve been to Washington D.C. a lot but mostly for work. I’ve been to Chicago and Toronto more than a few times but those are usually quick trips and don’t require much planning. I’ll make Florida be my final answer!
2. What’s Your Idea Of A Dream Vacation?:

A town with water and a beach and lots of time to relax (and A/C in the hotel room). Not too much noise, not too much time to wait in a line for anything…
3. Ever Been To Disney World or Disneyland?:
Yes. As a kid and again when I was 18 or 19, it’s okay. It’d be more fun if I had my own kids to take.
4. What Has Been Your Favorite Vacation So Far?:
My last few vacations have been great London and Costa Rica. What I really liked about them was very little travel, didn’t keep changing hotels and towns and such, just mostly hung out in one spot. I’d probably give Costa Rica the higher rating since there was sun and beach and a lot more relaxing.
5. Have You Taken A Cruise?:
Yes, but I was only 15 so I don’t really think I got all the benefits from the trip.

From Chick Chat.

Written By: Gary on March 2, 2005 No Comment
Would you enjoy it– not ‘would you’ or ‘would you not’, but ‘would you have a good time’– if you spent a month of solitude in a setting of your choice? Food, shelter, and any other physical needs would be taken care of, but you could have no contact with any other person. What would you do? What would your setting be?
I think I could and would have a good time. I would be somewhere warm, on the beach. I’d want my my computer, music, audio books and a bunch of podcasts to listen to; actually I’d probably have some regular books too. Can I have a telescope and some clear skies? I’d love internet access (high speed of course) and if it was required I could avoid two way communication (e-mail and chat etc.) but I want to be able to work on my sites. I’d need to atleast blog about not having human contact(?).

From the Question of the Week.

Written By: Gary on September 18, 2004 No Comment

Tinne was talking about it here. So I started thinking about it, my “before I die” list definitely changes if I know it’s going to be that short. I’ve got stuff I want to do but honestly most of the stuff I want (marriage, kids, etc.) isn’t going to happen in the next six months. So what would I do? This is all assuming I “know” that it’s six months. And that I’m not in excruciating pain or something.

I’d quit work. Cash out all my savings and retirements. Actually I’d take a leave so I could keep the health and the life insurance (if I’m gonna be crazy for 6 months, mom might as well as benefit if I slip or fall or something). Probably work for free at a day care or something like that (I love kids).

I’d be traveling with friends. Probably some busy trips and probably some go to a destination and just relax for a while. Never made it to France so that’s be on the list and maybe a cruise or three. Definitely some time on the beach in Costa Rica. And I’d like to see the pyramids. I usually try to travel conservatively but since it’s not like I’d have to pay the charge cards back or anything, it’d be first class all the way. Of course I’d be traveling with the latest electronic gizmos and such. I’d have to blog my last six months, maybe sell the book rights…

I’d like to think there’d be lot’s of sex and such, but based on my recent experience, I’m not sure why that would change. But I guess I wouldn’t be looking for commitment and if they know I only got six months, I’m assuming they aren’t either. Besides, that’s such a good line (I’ve only got six months to live…). Besides this would help me to sell the book rights, right?

I’ve always wanted to go into outer space, do you think the trip would be cheaper if it was only one way?

I’d probably throw out / sell / give away bunches of stuff so mom wouldn’t have to dig through it later. Or at least use a bunch of post-its so she knows who gets what and what might be worth something and what’s trash.

I’d buy and give away lots of music and books, I always have stuff that (I think) friends/relatives should read/listen to. I assume they’d do it if it was some final wish…

If I were ill, I’d party less, do the pyramids and France and rent a big place on the beach in Costa Rica and have everyone come visit and hang out… Maybe still squeeze in a few relaxing cruises…

Written By: Gary on August 13, 2004 No Comment

I sent out my Burn It CDs late (but it was more than a few days ago, so if you didn’t get yours it’ll be there any minute) the theme was songs from movies. I was in two BurnIt groups (so I had six people sending CDs to me (actually I only had packages from five of them) and I had to send to the six of them and the coordinator.

I was nervous at first Alfie sent hers’ out way early and the packaging was beautiful. Great cover, printed CD, artwork for the back and inside (behind the CD). Even her printing on the envelope was great. Very professional and I don’t think it’s related to her major. She set the bar very high, the rest had some nice ones and some plain ones so I was feeling better for mine. Mine might have been in 2nd place for looks but I was still left in her dust.

I do have one complaint about iTunes, until you burn you don’t know how long your disc is, I mean who measures time by saying 1.1 hours?!?

Some were songs I liked, some were artists and some were movies I liked that I wanted a song from. It was hard since some of the movies just have a great sound track (Some Kind of Wonderful, The Lost Boys, Pretty in Pink, Boys on the Side, Bill and Ted’s, City of Angels, etc.) Here’s the track listing if you’re curious.

1 Oh Yeah Yello Ferris Buehler’s Day Off
2 Extraordinary Liz Phair Raising Helen
3 Kids in America Kim Wilde Clueless
4 Uninvited Alanis Morissette City Of Angels
5 Turn To The Sky March Violets Some Kind Of Wonderful
6 Do Wot You Do INXS Pretty In Pink
7 Do Anything Pete Shelley Some Kind Of Wonderful
8 I Can’t Break Away Big Pig Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
9 Shell-Shock New Order Pretty In Pink
10 Iris Goo Goo Dolls City Of Angels
11 Good Times INXS & Jimmy Barnes The Lost Boys
12 I Still Believe Tim Cappello The Lost Boys
13 Summer Kisses, Winter Tears Julee Cruise Until The End Of The World
14 Turn To The Sky March Violets Some Kind Of Wonderful
15 Losing My Religion Tori Amos Higher Learning
16 Why Can’t I? Liz Phair 13 Going on 30
17 Old Time Rock And Roll Bob Seger Risky Business

1 In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel Say Anything
2 Angel Sarah McLachlan City Of Angels
3 Thank You Dido Sliding Doors
4 Kathy’s Song Eva Cassidy Maid in Manhattan
5 I Go Crazy Flesh For Lulu Some Kind Of Wonderful
6 Can’t Help Falling In Love Lick The Tins Some Kind Of Wonderful
7 Butterfly Tori Amos Higher Learning
8 Ice Cream Sarah McLachlan Anywhere But Here
9 In Time Robbie Robb Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
10 Feelin’ Love Paula Cole City Of Angels
11 Beauty Has Her Way Mummy Calls The Lost Boys
12 I Take You With Me Melissa Etheridge Boys On The Side
13 Wouldn’t It Be Good Danny Hutton Hitters Pretty In Pink
14 Ol’ 55 Sarah McLachlan Boys On The Side
15 Please Please Please
(Let Me Get What I Want)
The Smiths Pretty In Pink
16 I Get Around The Beach Boys Flight of the Navigator
17 Back In Time Huey Lewis & The News Back To The Future
Written By: Gary on July 7, 2004 One Comment

1. ways you cool off from the summer heat: Air Conditioning and Ice Cream.
2. summer activities: Rollerblading and Bicycling.
3. cold beverages: Coca-Cola and A & W Root Beer.
4. summer memories: Hanging out at the beach and hanging out with the guys (building floats keeps popping into my mind but that’s more of a fall thing.).
5. vacation spots: Costa Rica and England (and Miami Beach)

From Tuesday Twosome

Written By: Gary on June 20, 2004 No Comment
1. Do you prefer the beach or a pool?
Beach! Ocean!
2. What kind of tan are you most likely to get during the summer… a beautiful, bronze, laying out in the sun for hours tan; a gradual, few minutes a day tan; a “farmer tan” from working outdoors; or do you just get as red as a lobster and peel the next day?
I usually burn once per per year, the first time out and then I peal a little and then I’m fine after that.
3. Which summertime water activity are you more likely to enjoy the most… boating, jet skiing, waterskiing, swimming or floating down a lazy river on a tube?
Floating down the river. But I’d probably enjoy just sitting by the river and listen to the water rushing by…
4. What is your favorite picnic food?
Brats on the grill. And Coke.
5. Do you know how to cook on a barbeque grill?
You bet! I usually cook my non-breakfast meals on a grill.

From Sunday Brunch.

Written By: Gary on May 30, 2004 One Comment
1. What are you favorite things to do during the summer?
Rollerblade, picnics, read and sometimes bicycle.
2. Are you an outdoors person?
Not so much.
3. Beach, pool or lake?
Ocean or river. I like the water noise…
4. What are you favorite summertime memories?
I loved being on campus at MSU in the summers. Very relaxed, quiet (and so were the classes). Summer plays outside. I liked being down by the river and it was fun when the baby animals came around, it was always a blast to see the baby ducks being trained how to navigate the rapids…
5. Will you be going on vacation this summer?
I hope so. I just mentioned London to my friend Mark, I know (for some unknown reason) he’s dying to go there. I’d love to be there when it’s nice, so….

From The Weekly Bit

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Written By: Gary on May 25, 2004 No Comment
1. What’s your favorite sitcom?
Two and a Half Men won best comedy and also was renewed for next season.. It’s pretty funny,
2. Is there a sitcom you really don’t like?
Most of the others… Not a big sitcom fan…
3. Which sitcom did you used to like, but now it just seems too hokey?
Scrubs. It’s just a little too bizzaro sometimes.
~Bonus~ If your life was a sitcom, what would the title be?
Geeks in the City(?)

From TV Tuesday

Written By: Gary on March 30, 2004 One Comment

sacredplanetI saw Disney’s Sacred Planet today at the IMAX. It was excellent. Beautiful scenery! It was a more natural version of ‘The Lorax’ lots of little clues about nature but not too much in your face with it. From Africa to Utah (and the Arctic?) and stories of culture passed on. Click on the links/images for trailers and other bonuses at http://sacredplanet.com/. It opens April 22nd on Earth Day.

“Sacred Planet is a 45-minute journey around the world to some of the most exotic and beautiful places that still exist. From the last remaining old growth forests of British Columbia, the snowy peaks and glaciers of Alaska, the red rock canyons of Utah and Arizona, the tropical jungles and underwater mysteries of Borneo, the ancient ruins of Thailand and remote deserts of Namibia to the white sand beaches of New Zealand. Stunning images that include the landscape, the people and the animals indigenous to the land, all serve as visceral reminders of this planet’s infinite variety and biological diversity.
The tenor of the film is one of hope and beauty. It showcases the natural beauty of our planet’s diverse regions as a testament to what is at stake, and as an inspiration to its audience. Sacred Planet serves as witness to all that remains to be cherished, rather than to all that has been lost.”

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Written By: Gary on January 20, 2004 No Comment

The People’s Choice Awards honor Joan_ of Arcadia as best new television drama. CBS picked it up for another season!

Two and a Half Men won best comedy and also was renewed for next season. It’s pretty funny, it’s the most sitcom-ish thing I watch on TV.

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