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Written By: Gary on January 2, 2005 One Comment

Everyone – I love your shows, when I can find them on my music player. The is a request for some naming consistency in your files and the Song Name*. You may have the show name in the Artist or Album, but sometimes if listing by song name all I see is a bunch of numbers with tracks mixed with others tracks. I have the iPod Photo which has more information (a few more lines and a few more characters) in the display, I can’t imagine what others are seeing (or not seeing).

When the file name or song title starts with a number it just sorts with all the others with the same numbers. Then we can’t ever find anything. Starting by month is confusing too, for example: my November “ESC Radio” just mixes in with my November “Gilmore Gang”.

When this is really an issue is when I’m trying to show someone else “something cool” but end up not finding it. They aren’t very impress or encouraged to buy anything (or buy in to podcasting) at that time. I want more people to be geeked and excited about this!!! I’m certain you feel the same.

My suggestion (which is really only pointing out how others are already doing it): Something short to designate your show and then the date or episode number and then the title of the episode if you have one.

  • Adam does DSC-YYYY-MM-DD for the Daily Source Code.
  • Coverville does Coverville-YYYY-MO-DD.
  • East Detroit Radio does EDR_Epi_YYYMMDD (I’m assuming the 3 digits I labeled Epi are the episode number).
  • Today’s Podcast probably does it my favorite way tp_YYYYMMDD_word_of_the_day he’s got the podcast name abberviated, the date and the subject of today’s ‘cast all in one short line.
    I like these they are easy to file and sort through.
  • Just ABBR-YYMMDD (abbreviation, and 2 digits each for year month and day) would probably be enough (we’ll worry about the Y2100 problem later…) and then anything extra could be appended.

    Some of these may just be iPod issues. Maybe even more so of an issue when viewing the AAC files in the AudioBook mode (since it lumps all the files together, hopefully Apple will address this). But even some of the sites that offer the feed in a AAC (mp4) format are some of the more difficult ones to find due to nameing. Some sites have no system, NASA names everything story.mp3 and then something nicer (sometimes) in the song name but sometimes just “NASA story”, Adam has mentioned this over at the Daily SOurce Code.

    I’ll take feedback on this, maybe I’m missing something… I do know I see everyone is doing it different, maybe for no reason, maybe there is a reason.

    FYI – I’m trying to work the bugs out in the naming myself before I start my podcast later this month. :)

    * I say the Song Name because that seems to be the way my iPod/iTunes (and we are “podcasting”) seems to list by default. Especially in Audiobook mode (so I can bookmark my place), all I can see is the song name.

    Written By: Gary on December 22, 2004 One Comment

    AdamcurryMany of you know Adam Curry from Mtv, but these days he’s known as “the prince of pod” or “the podfather” or a few other (complimentary) things. He did a lot of pushing in a lot of ways to make podcasting what it is today. His almost daily show is The Daily Source Code, to appreciate it you really need to listen (at last count I think he said he’s got 50,000 listeners). He does it like a live show, if he screws up it’s there, it’s about 40 minutes an episode so put it on your mp3 player or burn a few episodes to CD and listen to it at your convenience. He’s hysterical. His show is about tech, podcasts, music and his life, check it out.

    His show consists promos for other shows, music for (mostly small) bands he likes, adjusting to life in England, reverb, drumlines, cowbell and the (neverending) saga for high speed internet in his new home. He’s been trying to get high speed access for a month now and it’s a quest, it’s actually made several papers that the ‘Gilford exchange is out of ports and how this has been brought to light by the Daily Source Code’.

    He really seems like a genuinely nice guy who’d be fun to hang out with. He’s like the guy you know who has all the tech toys and seems to have time to work with them all and has the ability (and time) to have fun doing it!

    For more podcasting artcles and info: CNN, Wired or Dave Pogue.

    Written By: Gary on December 12, 2004 One Comment

    People love their iPods!! Or if they don’t have one, they crave one…

    Of the hard drive digital music players they have something outrageous like 90% of the market and 40-something percent of the whole (HD and Flash Memory) market. Some numbers depend on how you measure (World, North America, US, etc.)

    In a non-Apple-centric world they gotta be doing something right to get that much market share…
    Think about it, HP has second place because they are buying the Apple model and adding (note: not removing anything) an HP logo to the back (and probably not offering engraving).

    Battery whiners aside (that it doesn’t last long enough), it’s pretty easy to get in the habit of charging them, just put the charger by your cell phone and voila! (or get a car charger, like your cell phone). It’ll charge off your Firewire (and maybe USB) ports so it charges when you sync it with your songs (and it charges even if you don’t sync).

    Sorry to preach but I’ve just been reading snotty comments from people who obviously don’t have one and who couldn’t at least make a positive recommendation towards another one (or at least offer to sell the one they might have had “if” it wasn’t any good). At least make a case that they’re more expensive than others out there. There’s a reason everyone in the world isn’t driving the least expensive car, they don’t have the perks that the more expensive ones have (but they still get them to where they’re going).

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    Written By: Gary on November 10, 2004 One Comment

    So this thing is great. If you’re not sure what this thing is I’m talking about my new iPod Photo 60GB music/photo player (15,000 photos or 25,000 photos). I knew I’d like it, I’ve missed my MP3 player for the car (I had a 20 GB in the trunk model). I’ve got several thousand songs on this thing and I’m really liking podCasting (downloading radioshows and talk shows, some Internet only) to listen to when I want to.

    I hate “ear buds” and I’m actually starting to like these (but I keep getting them all tangled up). It seems that other non-ear bud people seem to like them too.

    I’ve barely looked at the photo options so far but it seems like a nice bonus. The photos scroll through SO fast it’s not even funny. It’s like something from a sci-fi show where the show the digital photo album and scroll through the photos at 200 miles per hour. Apple said they didn’t include video, but it’s fast enough for that but they just didn’t sync the audio to it. Maybe someone will patch it for that…

    The key thing is I love it and I know there are still a lot of capabilities that I haven’t even come close to tapping into yet.

    I’ll chat more about the other features later (and what is podcasting).

    This thing holds the equivalent of:

  • Vinyl Records = 843 lbs.
  • Compact Disks = 127 lbs.
  • Cassettes = 42 lbs.
  • 60GB iPod photo = 6.4 ounces
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    Written By: Gary on October 27, 2004 No Comment

    Guess what finally came out!!! A 60 GB iPod Photo with color display + video out!!! My big problem is whether to to drive and get it tonight at the Apple Store or order it on-line which saves $30 (educator discount) and gives free engraving…

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