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Written By: Gary on June 8, 2004 One Comment

Summer’s here, and that means road trips, driving with your window open, and hot and heavy traffic. I’m from California, and almost every time I’m on the road I’ve got a gripe about someone or something…What annoys you the most when you’re on the road?

  1. People not using their blinkers .
  2. People getting upset when people don’t move in the first 2.3 seconds when the light changes
  3. Streets magically changing direction (but if you go straight your on a different street) without good sign-age. This Allen Park street allenparkroadschanges by several 30 degree angles over a few mile span…
  4. Not labeled intersections
  5. Streets with more than one name but only shows one.
  6. Multiple streets with the same name (in Lansing we had three streets same name, I don’t think the Drive/Lane/Street was different, and a few were one direction and and the other in another.
  7. Construction
  8. People chatting on the phones when their kids are in the cars.
  9. People honking when you don’t turn on a ‘no right on red sign’ (heck, I don’t need to turn even if there isn’t a sign)
  10. People not using their blinkers.

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