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Written By: Gary on August 11, 2005 6 Comments

If you thought “A was for Apple” then you’ve got another thing coming. Here is the Suggested Google Alphabet. This is the suggested word for each letter of the alphabet. Not only does it get the info from Google, it’s live, it could change every time you look if the requests change.

While G is for Gmail, I thought it was pretty funny that H is for Hotmail and Y is for Yahoo! At least it was when I checked…

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Written By: Gary on November 12, 2004 2 Comments

Push each letter of the alphabet in your browser and pick the first web site (blog) that comes up. A-Z…

Angle Rants
Bye Blog
Colby and Beyond
Design by Fire
Earth Observatory (blue marble)
Forever Immortalized
Green Desire
Haiku of the Day
Lorna girl
Mutated Monkeys
Neil Gaiman
One Girl’s life
Purple Stars
QBQrat (Ioblata)
Random Fate
Self Taught Girl
Tenth Muse
Unix Wix
Via Jeans
Web Mistris
Xbox Linux
Yamaha (the confused corporation)
Zongrilia (swirl)

FYI – I tried to pick blogs if they came up. If they hadn’t posted in months and I had another option, I picked that. If not I picked the closest interesting one that’d I’d recommend.

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