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Written By: Gary on July 28, 2007 4 Comments

So after my box of yummy Limited Edition Alpha-Bits (now with the sugar back where it belongs) I hadn’t seen it anywhere but Meijer’s so I started feeling anxious that they might stop making it again (it is “limited”). But then I was at Target the other day walking out with my arms were full (I had paid back in the electronics section) and they had just opened (I needed stuff for work) I passed all the employees standing in the aisle having their morning meeting I spied an end-cap with the Limited Edition Alpha-Bits 3 boxes for $7. So I checked the expiration date and managed to stack up 8 boxes in my arms (in addition to my bags and the water, this was all I could hold), this will give me about 1 box a month until expiration, but that’s probably not enough sugary letters for me, I should probably get another 8 or 10 boxes while they’re still on sale today.

Long live Limited Edition Alpha-Bits!!!

Written By: Gary on July 13, 2007 2 Comments

So about 18 months ago I mentioned that Post removed all the sugar from Alpha-Bits cereal. Not only that, they removed all the flavor! They were awful!!!

So someone e-mailed me last week about the new “Special Edition” dark blue box that was out. Here’s the thing, the box says “special edition” but not what’s “special” about it. THe box does say it’s sweetened but that’s it. Very strange.

It’s like the old Alpha-Bits are back. Very yummy! The last box I bought was the un-sweetened kind and I didn’t even finish the first bowl. I hope these last a while. I which there was a place to vote or something they should never return to the awful bits they’ve been trying to peddle for the last year…

Written By: Gary on November 14, 2005 6 Comments

Why would they do this?!? Sugar Free? And the box looks the same! That’s just mean!

So I was going to have a bowl of cereal as a little snack tonight and I was pretty disappointed. I don’t generally keep sugar around the house so I had to use powdered sugar. It actually worked pretty good, just don’t watch anything too funny when you eat it because if you laugh you might accidentally inhale some of the sugar…

Think dry cardboard-ish Cherrios, but still in cool letter shapes.

Written By: Gary on June 24, 2004 No Comment

What is the easiest thing to make for breakfast? Alpha-bits would be the easiest, except that there seems to be a shortage in the Detroit area these days (I’m not kidding and I like a bigger breakfast. Generally I make bacon, eggs and cantaloupe and I’ve got the timing down (shower on, bacon on stove, shower, flip bacon, get ready, bacon in oven on plate, egg in pan, cut cantaloupe, get ready a little more, flip egg, pour juice, get napkins & silverware, get egg and eat!) so it’s pretty easy.
What is the easiest thing to make for lunch? Bratwurst (on the grill).
What is the easiest thing to make for dinner? Steak and veggies. One on the grill while the other is in the microwave.
What is the easiset thing to clean? Dishes (dish washer)
What is the easiest errand to run? Grocery shopping, I’m generally pretty quick.
What is the easiest thing to fold? Sheets – they just get rumpled it and shoved in the closet.
From Thursday’s Tattle

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