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Surf the Internet from 30,000 feet for only $1.95

Written By: Gary on November 9, 2011 One Comment

On the Detroit to Atlanta part of my trip, the gogo wireless on the airplane it was $4.95 for the whole flight, but they offered 15 minutes for only $1.95.


I didn’t think that was too bad of a price, so I thought I might do it on the next leg of the trip. But they didn’t offer that option later on. Actually, it’s was only $4.95 for the whole flight (both flights) and I didn’t think that was too bad either. Didn’t airplane internet access originally start off at $10 or $15?

There were some services you could access like movie rentals and shopping. It also looked like it was set up for flight tracking, but that didn’t seem to be working. It knew where we were heading, how hight we were and how fast we were going (500+ miles/hour).

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One Response to “Surf the Internet from 30,000 feet for only $1.95”

  1. shelly says on: 18 November 2011 at 3:34 pm

    Hey Gary! It’s Shelly from Montezuma..We’re back in Colorado with only a little sand and shells visible ..along with some awesome memories..cant wait to return..It was nice to meet you..good luck with your search for life in Costa Rica!

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