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Sprint called me today

Written By: Gary on June 9, 2008 3 Comments

Sprint gave me a call to make sure I was happy. I told him I was expecting his call, he seemed surprised. I said my contract is up and they new iPhone looks pretty yummy, gotta be afraid of losing me as a customer. All he offered me was $150 off a new phone (you get that every 2 years no matter what, AFAIK).

And he said I could use that for a new Treo 800 (I have the 700p) when it comes out; he insisted it’s a Palm OS device (not Windows Mobile) and I rephrased the question several times. Now that I’ve had time to Google it, I think he’s wrong and it’s a Windoze Mobile device.

Tried to buy a wireless modem card from him, best he could offer me was $60 a month. I currently have internet on my phone for $15 and $25 more (total $40) lets me tether (connect) my laptop to it and use the internet. So if I drop the $25 and pay the $60, I’ve still got the $15 on the phone, now $45 more a month. You’d think he could offer me a better incentive than that. I do already have unlimited tethering, give me a little more incentive to sign up Sprint…

Now that I’ve got the new iPhone specs and at only $199 to switch to AT&T I’ve got all sorts of other ideas in my head…

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3 Responses to “Sprint called me today”

  1. Kris says on: 22 June 2008 at 6:19 pm

    And with the new unlimited AT&T packages ($99 for EVERYTHING) I think it is time for a switch, don’t you??? Kris is salivating over the IPhone. And her contract is up at the end of June. Ooooooo….

  2. Kris Hansen says on: 6 July 2008 at 5:49 pm

    Oh, I got my new phone this weekend from Verizon. Every two years I get a new phone (usually a $175 credit) for a new 2 year contract. That’s not bad since I enjoyed my last phone and it lasted two years with no issues. Other than the battery…what is it with the batteries??? Ok so I got an LG chocolate (maroon color actually). It’s a sweet phone with lots of bells and whistles.

    I decided to wait to get the iPhone or the blackberry until next time around. That is the time frame in which I will need it more since I’ll be in school (Barry University, Miami)and away from my desk most of the time. I wonder if it’s worth getting one of those awesome notebooks instead of the fancy phone. Something to ponder and I have two years to do that. For now, I am excited about my new phone.

  3. Steve says on: 15 July 2008 at 2:28 pm

    I don’t know if you got the new iPhone, but I did (that’s what I did last Friday) and I really do I like it. With the greater speed of 3G the browser is great and really makes the web useful ad available on a phone.


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