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Spring Cleaning…

Written By: Gary on October 30, 2005 One Comment

So people were coming over for dinner yesterday and I was cleaning. It wasn’t actually cleaning, the place was clean but I had piles of junk that really didn’t need to out in the open, some were people who aren’t around very often and a few who had never been over so I thought I could make a slightly better impression. I did throw a bit out but mostly I was just moving things from one spot to another (or just tucking them away in the corner). You’d think with a office (mostly a junk room), a real junk room and a shower I could find spots for all this stuff.

Yes, I said a shower. The full shower on the main floor is filed with various gear, boxes, rug shampooer and who knows what else (it’s not like I need more than one shower and then I only have to clean one). I keep the curtain closed so most people don’t notice but once in a while someone asks me for something and a go in the bathroom and come out with it (“it” could be a stereo receiver, a power strip or computer printer).


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One Response to “Spring Cleaning…”

  1. heather says on: 31 October 2005 at 9:25 pm

    Don’t worry – dinner was so good and the host was so engaging that the guests didn’t even notice the “stuff”.

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