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So someone finally tried to cheat me.

Written By: Gary on April 22, 2006 No Comment

Today after coming back from the temple of Horus some guys are trying to sell us some water. They offered it at a decent price (one dollar) but after a few seconds I got them to give me two for that price :)

Here’s the cheating part – after about five seconds he chases after two of us and tries to tell me I didn’t give him a dollar and he’s holding up one Egyptian pound. Now this is possible that I gave him the wrong thing and then I realize would have never gotten one foot away if it was the wrong amount and I’m telling him no (but in the back of my mind there is a little doubt still). Then I notice it’s not an Egyptian pound it’s a 25 pesters note (one-fourth of a pound) and I know I didn’t have any (I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen any) since they’re so cheap I would have saved them as a souvenir, the doubt went away and I had to yell at him to get away.

Later: So after that temple trip, we were heading over to take a picture of something that I saw as we were heading to them temple. And we’ve got some guy following us saying “excude me” and “pssst” and we’re totally ignoring him, we’re thinking it’s proably the same guy or someone else trying to sell us something but he was pretty persistant. Finally Lea realized it was someone (a worker) from the ship so we let him catch up. It turns out the ship was supposed to leave immediately when we got back. We knew this but forgot all about it! (I still would have gone to take the picture, but I would have told someone I’d be right back)


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