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Shopgirl – Review

Written By: Gary on November 13, 2005 One Comment

I had read the book a while back and enjoyed it, I remember it being odd, but I did enjoy it (it seems to me some of the sex stuff was a little odd, but I don’t recall why).

So (and I bet you saw this coming) I saw the movie Shopgirl last night. It seems to be playing at a limited number of theaters. It’s more of an “arts theater” movie than mainstream. I don’t remember how much they used from the book but it was still enjoyable. So it’s really got an array of odd characters.

  • Mirabelle (Claire Danes), the meek/quiet beautiful woman who’s single and pretty much a cat lady waiting to happen.
  • Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman), the eccentric slacker guy she meets at the laundromat and has a disastrous date or two with.
  • Ray (Steve Martin), the older wealthy gentleman who asks Mirabelle out. He wants her but not commitment.

    We’ve got some dry(?) humor, the characters say and do insane things. You know these people, you’ve seen them do and say the stupid things that happen in this movie.

    I can’t say it was a great movie. I can say I really liked it. The individual scenes were really good but the cuts seemed a little choppy. I had to think on a few if they decided to run some in a different order. And it needed a few explanations, like why Ray picked her and some other things that might not matter in the end but they still made me wonder…

    I noticed some characteristics in Mirabelle and Ray that I see in myself, but since some are good but some are not so good, we’ll skip over the particulars. But I could identify with them both and that’s probably why I really enjoyed it.


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    One Response to “Shopgirl – Review”

    1. Alex Ludd says on: 15 November 2005 at 11:03 am

      I’m surprised it isn’t Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie. I’m pretty sure she posed for the front cover of the book.

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