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Sarah McLachlan

Written By: Gary on May 25, 2005 One Comment

MclachlanitumesorigiconSo I just got my weekly e-mail from the iTunes Music Store and see that there is a iTunes Originals Sarah McLachlan CD out! (I guess it’s not really a CD but in a few minutes, it will be for me. It’ll actually be two.) As usual there are 30 second previews of all the songs but none of these links will work for you if you don’t have iTunes (Windows or Mac).

An iTunes Original is generally a bunch of tracks consisting of the artist(s) speaking between the songs giving some background, some (possibly unique) live versions and a few more versions unique to the album. You’ll probably want to make two versions, one with just the music and one including the “directors commentary”…
There is also a Wallflowers one out this week And I just realized there is an Aimee Mann one from April that I bought a day or two before the demise of the laptop hard-drive a month ago, I’m 99% sure I backed it up before the demise of my laptop but I’m 100% sure I never listened to it, I’ll have to hunt that down too…

So I’ll burn some CDs for the car while I burn breakfast and it’s off to run around today (up to 70 degrees out!) and hopefully have the roof down…

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One Response to “Sarah McLachlan”

  1. Tawcan says on: 25 May 2005 at 12:10 pm

    She’s one amazing singer. :)

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